10th International Conference of the AWBR

Full Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings (PDF)

Individual Conference Papers

1. What Does Sustainable Wine Mean to Consumers? An exploratory Study in France and Italy (PDF)

Roberta Capitello and Lucie Sirieix

2. An Exploratory Classification of the Wineries in the DO Emporda (PDF)

Agustí Casas, Esther Subirà, Pilar Presas and Merce Bernardo

3. The Advertising of Burgundy Wine Since the Beginnings of Vinticulture (PDF)

Claude Chapuis

4. Location-Specific Advantages in the Wine Industry – From Terroirs to Territories (PDF)

Steve Charters and Jean-Guillaume Ditter

5. How Consumption Occasions Shape Consumer Preferences: A Discrete Choice Experiment Approach (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Justin Cohen and Larry Lockshin

6. Exploring Duplication of Purchase Patterns Between Wine Buyers Residing in Different Regions (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Hervé and Belinda Chiera

7. Supporting Export Programs Under Demand Uncertainty Through Labelling Postponement (PDF)

Mauricio Varas, Franco Basso, Susan Cholette, Alejandro Mac Cawley and Sergio Maturana

8. Philanthropy in the Global Wine Industry: An Exploratory Study Part 2: Cross-National Quantitative Analysis (PDF)

Sharon Forbes, Rosana Fuentes Ferández, Armand Gilinsky, Marc Dressler and Armando Maria Corsi