Steering Committee

A steering committee has been informally appointed at the 3° (3rd) Conference at Montpellier for the first year of existence.

It includes :

  • Larry Lockshin (UniSA) (President of AWBR since July 2008)
  • Liz Thach (Sonoma State University)
  • François d’Hauteville (Montpellier SupAgro),
  • Ulrich Orth (Univ. Kiel)
  • Eli Cohen (Ben Gurion Univ. of the Negev).
  • Tim Dodd (Texas Tech University)
  • Tony Spawton (UniSA)
  • Rod Brodie (University of Auckland)
  • André Beaujanot (UniSA)
  • Costanza Nosi (Univ. Siena)

This committee remains open to volunteers who are ready to give some of their time to the society.