4th International Wine Business & Marketing Conference (2008)

Siena, Italy

  • An emerging brand strategy in the Italian wine sector: towards an accessible luxury goods marketing – abstract (PDF)
    Massimo Paoli and Simone Poledrini

  • Branding and the Cyprus wine industry (PDF)
    Demetris Vrontis and Stanley J. Paliwoda

  • Generic Branding of New Zealand Wine: From Global Allocator to Global Marketing (PDF)
    Roderick J. Brodie, Maureen Benson-Rea and Nick Lewis

  • Impact of brand identity on labelling: the case of regional branding (PDF)
    François Durrieu

  • Positioning of wine regions: Old or New World branding models? – abstract (PDF)
    Chris Easingwood

  • Rebranding a commodity-based wine region (PDF)
    Hervé Remaud and Larry Lockshin

  • The appellative “Denominazione geografica” in the marketing of grappa from Trentino (PDF)
    Italo Trevisan

  • The Aussie value innovation: how Australia escaped the Red Queen of the global wine business – abstract (PDF)
    Costanza Nosi

  • The role of denomination of origins in the competition of the wine sector – abstract (PDF)
    Monica Fait and Antonio Iazzi

  • A model of adaptive relationship between the entrepreneur and the bank: the case of French vineyards entrepreneurs – abstract (PDF)
    Cadot Julien and Couderc Jean-Pierre

  • A typology of small producers in the Champagne industry (PDF)
    Steve Charters and David Menival

  • “Cantine Giorgio Lungarotti”: tradition, innovation and territorial embeddedness – abstract (PDF)
    Luca Ferrucci, Massimo Paoli, Antonio Picciotti and Marina Gigliotti

  • Impact of HR practices on winery performance: comparison of the U.S. & Australian small family wineries – extended abstract (PDF)
    Liz Thach and Roland E. Kidwell

  • Long lasting wineries: managing family business and succession in Tuscany region (PDF)
    Lorenzo Zanni, Stefano Cordero di Montezemolo and Luca Devigili

  • Regional Business Systems in the Wine Industry and the example of Burgundy (PDF)
    Joëlle Brouard and Jean-Guillaume Ditter

  • Strategic Marketing Changes over Time & Generations (PDF)
    Jan Bodin

  • Buying decision with French wine: how important is the type of stopper? A comparison between French and French-speaking Swiss consumers (PDF)
    Benoît Lecat

  • Directing consumer price expectation through package design – extended abstract (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth and Keven Malkewitz

  • How important is wine packaging for consumers? On the reliability of measuring attribute importance with direct verbal versus indirect visual methods (PDF)
    Simone Mueller and Larry Lockshin

  • Message on a Bottle: Colours and Shapes in Wine Labels (PDF)
    Luiz de Mello and Ricardo Pires Gonçalves de Borobia

  • Stimulating sales of higher-priced wines through decoys: a design based perspective – extended abstract (PDF)
    Isabel Lupold and Ulrich R. Orth

  • Wine Label Attractiveness Perceptions by US and Australian Wine Consumers: A Case Study (PDF)
    Marianne McGarry Wolf

  • A Review of the Development of Wine Tourism in Chile (PDF)
    Martin H. Kunc

  • Brand Experience Impact on the new Service Performance: a Study on Portuguese Wine and Tourism Sector (PDF)
    Elisabete Magalhães Serra and J. M. Carvalho Vieira

  • Imagery of wine tourists and self-congruity – abstract (PDF)
    Marlene A. Pratt

  • The perceived importance of the features of wine regions and wineries for tourists in wine regions (PDF)
    Livnat Ben-Nun and Eli Cohen

  • Wine promotion through tourism: understanding tourist motivation (PDF)
    Magda Antonioli and Cristina Mottironi

  • Wine tourism and enhanced value: a comparison between Italian successful destinations (PDF)
    Amedeo Maizza and Pierfelice Rosato

  • E-wine criticism and resources: a comparative analysis (PDF)
    Paola Scorrano

  • Relevant attributes for wine selling on the web: comparative analysis between two market segments – abstract (PDF)
    Esther Subirà Lobera, Agustí Casas Romeo, Rubén Huertas Garcia and Armand Gilinsky

  • Segmenting online customers based on electronic service quality dimensions: an application to wine websites (PDF)
    Grégory Bressolles and François Durrieu

  • Stopping rules in information search applied in web site by wine purchasers (PDF)
    François Durrieu and Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva

  • The internet marketing strategy of French wine producers from Languedoc-Roussillon region (PDF)
    Franck Duquesnois and Călin Gurău

  • Wine and web marketing strategies: the case study of Italian specialty wineries (PDF)
    Diego Begalli, Stefano Codurri and Davide Gaeta

  • A cross-cultural comparison of choice criteria for wine in restaurants (PDF)
    Eli Cohen, Francois d’Hauteville, Steve Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Lucie Sirieix

  • Purchasing drivers of professional wine buyers: the role of denominations of origin in the buying decision of Italian upscale restaurants (PDF)
    Vincenzo Zampi, Monica Faraoni and Eliseo di Folco

  • Purchasing wine as a gift; influencing factors and preferences: an empirical qualitative approach (PDF)
    Isabella Hatak and Albert Stöckl

  • Sensing or knowing? Investigating the influence of knowledge and self-confidence on consumer beliefs regarding the effect of extrinsic cues of wine quality (PDF)
    Roberta Veale

  • The influence of verbal and non-verbal information on the consumer decision – analysis using the example of white wine (PDF)
    Gergely Szolnoki, Dieter Hoffmann and Roland Herrmann

  • Wine on the Spot: Product Knowledge and Purchase-Venue Choice – extended abstract (PDF)
    Dale F. Duham, James B. Wilcox, Natalia Kolyesnikova, Tim H. Dodd and Debra A. Laverie

  • An assessment of wine knowledge amongst global consumers – extended abstract (PDF)
    Sharon Forbes, David Cohen and David Dean

  • Consumer Preferences of Wine in Italy Applying Best:Worst Scaling (PDF)
    Leonardo Casini, Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin, Eli Cohen and Steve Goodman

  • Measuring Acceptability of a New Product Through Consumers’ Prolonged Exposure: The Case of Low-Alcohol Wine – abstract (PDF)
    Josselin Masson, Philippe Aurier and François D’Hauteville

  • Identifying the characteristics and behavior of advocate segments in new wine regions – extended abstract (PDF)
    Natalia Kolyesnikova, Tim H. Dodd and Dale F. Duham

  • Italian red premium wine demand: an almost ideal demand system using scanner data – abstract (PDF)
    Antonio Stasi, Antonio Seccia, Biagia De Devitis and Vittoria Pilone

  • Lessons from Italian youngsters: how to deal with wine complexity by marketing management (PDF)
    Alberto Mattiacci, Federica Ceccotti and Costanza Nosi

  • Typical wine choice and consumption in Apulia (PDF)
    Salvatore Romanazzi, Luca Petruzzellis and Vito Tassiello

  • Can German wine cooperatives compete on quality (PDF)
    Günter Schamel

  • Champagne cooperative wineries: typology and determinants of performance – abstract (PDF)
    Francis Declerck

  • Collective Networks and Communities of Practice: The transformation of the Priorat Wine Region (PDF)
    Elena Bou, Alfons Sauquet and Rosella Canestrino

  • Intangible effort and performance: the case of the French wine industry (PDF)
    Paul Amadieu and Jean-Laurent Viviani

  • The dissemination of information among supply chain partners: A New Zealand wine industry perspective – extended abstract (PDF)
    David Cohen, Sharon Forbes and Michael Clements

  • The trade fair as temporary cluster: a relational platform and knowledge filter for firms. First results of an exploratory study. (PDF)
    Fiorenza Belussi, Silvia R. Sedita and Marcia Omizzolo

  • University involvement in wine region development: A comparative case study between Universidad de Talca (Chile) and Universidad de Cuyo (Argentina) (PDF)
    Martin Kunc and Scott Tiffin

  • A simultaneous estimation of reputations’ interactions in the case of Washington State Wines – abstract (PDF)
    Florine Livat and Amy L. Mumma

  • Desperately seeking serendipity: exploring the impact of country location on innovation in the wine industry (PDF)
    Armand Gilinsky, Cristina Santini, Luciana Lazzeretti and Robert Eyler

  • From the Land of Kansas: A Case Study of an Emergent Wine Region (PDF)
    Matthew Cole, Susie Pryor, Taylor Thompson and Amanda Walter

  • Pride and Prejudice: marketing myopia in Italian Wineries. Can managers be educated to market orientation? – extended abstract (PDF)
    Alessio Cavicchi, Santini Cristina and Lucia Bailetti

  • Strategic Operations in the Bordeaux-Aquitaine wine sector (PDF)
    Jacques-Olivier Pesme, Marie-Claude Bélis-Bergouignan and Nathalie Corade

  • The analysis of the Sicilian wine sector. The bottling companies, the volumes of manufactured products, the turnovers, the locations – abstract (PDF)
    Torcivia Sebastiano

  • When the growth is driven by technological transfer: different organizational search path in the Italian wine industry (PDF)
    Marco Visentin

  • An Analysis of the Wine Industry in China and Recommendations for Exporters – abstract (PDF)
    Richard M. Castaldi, Mahmood Hussain and Sen Mike Wang

  • Financial approach to export performance in French wine SMES (PDF)
    Carole Maurel

  • Internationalization of Italian wine firms: An exploratory research (PDF)
    Cristina Mele and Tiziana Russo Spena

  • New challenges and opportunities for Italian exports of table wines and high quality wines – abstract (PDF)
    Domenico Carlucci, Giuseppe De Blasi, Fabio G. Santeramo and Antonio Seccia

  • St Helena wine estate (1978-2008) – a longitudinal case study of medium sized Canterbury (NZ) export winery (PDF)
    Rupert Tipples

  • The Internationalization of Wine Businesses: Exploitation of Social Capital (PDF)
    Tina Muecke

  • Developing a Method for Consumers to Conceptualise Terroir – abstract (PDF)
    Damien Wilson and Frédérique Jourjon

  • Is there more information in Best Worst choice data? Using the variance-covariance matrix to consider consumer heterogeneity (PDF)
    Simone Mueller, Cam Rungie, Steve Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Eli Cohen

  • New leverages in customer/place oriented wine branding strategies. The case of wine architecture in experimental approaches to wine marketing (PDF)
    Elisabetta Virtuani and Antonella Zucchella

  • Some evidence and discussion on the validity of using intrinsic sensory cues in stated choice experiments (PDF)
    Thomas Egan, Wade Jarvis, Mark Gibberd and Hannah Williams

  • The Potential Use of Weather Derivatives to Hedge Vineyard Harvest Rainfall Risk – extended abstract (PDF)
    Don Cyr, Martin Kusy and Anthony B.Shaw

  • The relationship between wine liking, subjective and objective wine knowledge: Does it matter who is in your ‘consumer’ sample? (PDF)
    Simone Mueller, Leigh Francis and Larry Lockshin

  • Wine as fashion: can fashion theory inform wine business research? – abstract (PDF)
    Richard D. Mitchell and Clare Nicholls

  • An Exploratory Study into Wine Drinking in Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs in the United States (PDF)
    Janeen Olsen

  • Channel choice behavior for different usage situations: the case of the wine product category (PDF)
    Pietro Zidda, Larry Lockshin and Stephanie van der Haert

  • Direct to consumer sales in small wineries: a case study of tasting room and wine club sales (PDF)
    Gary Zucca

  • Postponement Practices in the Wine Industry: A Cross Country Comparison of Adaptation and Attitudes (PDF)
    Susan Cholette, Christine Mauracher and Maurizio Canavari

  • Tasting room experience, personality, and consumer emotional attachment to brands – extended abstract (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth

  • The Culture of Wine Buying in the UK Off-Trade (PDF)
    Caroline Ritchie

  • International Comparison of Consumer Choice for Wine: A Twelve Country Comparison (PDF)
    S. Goodman, L. Lockshin, E. Cohen, J. Fensterseifer, H. Ma, F. d’Hauteville, L. Sirieix, U. Orth, L. Casini, A. Corsi, S. Jaeger, P. Danaher, R. Brodie, J Olsen, L Thach and J.-P. Perrouty

  • Advertisements for German Wine: A semiotic approach to the symbolic meaning of wine consumption (PDF)
    René C. G. Arnold

  • Do Australian wine consumers value organic wine? (PDF)
    Hervé Remaud, Simone Mueller, Phoebe Chvyl and Larry Lockshin

  • How and why do wine consumers increase their product involvement? – abstract (PDF)
    Damien Wilson and Steve Charters

  • Perception and Consumption of Wine among Indian Youth – abstract (PDF)
    Bhushan D. Sudhakar and Nadar Kumaran

  • The impact of wine attributes on consumer loyalty of Italian consumers (PDF)
    Leonardo Casini, Armando Maria Corsi and Cam Rungie

  • The Influence of Taste Sensitivity and Adventurousness of Generation Y’s Liking Scores for Sparkling Wine (PDF)
    Gary J. Pickering and Carman W. Cullen

  • Wine consumption practices and meanings as depicted in Italian TV fiction (PDF)
    Simona Romani and Giacomo Gistri