6th International Conference of the AWBR (2011)

Bordeaux, France

  • Wine For Breakfast: Exploring Wine Occasions For Gen Y (PDF)
    Liz Thach

  • Terroir: The Black Hole of Wine Marketing? (PDF)
    Nathalie Spielmann and Claire Gélinas-Chebat

  • Barriers and driving forces in organic winemaking in Europe: case studies in France and Italy (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Anna Krzywoszynska

  • Does behaviour of heavy and light wine buyers differ? (PDF)
    Polymeros Chrysochou, Larry Lockshin, Sarah Habenschuss and Giang Trinh

  • Sustainability through Resilience: The Very Essence of the Wine Industry (PDF)
    Daniel J. Flint, Susan L. Golicic and Paola Signori

  • Intangible expenses, export intensity and company performance in the French wine industry (PDF)
    Paul Amadieu, Carole Maurel and Jean-Laurent Viviani

  • Nurturing the Grapevine: A Novel Perspective on Company-initiated Electronic Word-of-Mouth (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth and Ulrike Reisner

  • The Role of Tourism Experiences in Attaching Consumers to Regional Brands (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth

  • Which winery to represent: what influences the distributor’s choice? (PDF)
    Steve Goodman

  • The Influence of Tour Destination Image on Chinese consumers preference for Australian Wine? (PDF)
    Jasha Bowe and Larry Lockshin

  • Sustaining the Quality Positioning of New Zealand Wine: A Marketing Finance Perspective (PDF)
    Roderick J. Brodie, Mark S. Glynn and Don E. Schultz

  • Service quality, customer value and satisfaction relationship revisited for online wine websites (PDF)
    Grégory Bressolles and François Durrieu

  • Types of authenticity in champagne: The brand manager’s view (PDF)
    Stephanie Muraz and Steve Charters (Corresponding Author)

  • Alcohol warnings stimuli: a methodological framework for the analysis of changes in attitude and behaviour compliance towards alcoholic beverages (PDF)
    Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin and Klaus Kilov

  • Millennial Wine Consumer Dining Preferences Segmented By Restaurant Type: An Exploratory Study (PDF)
    Janeen Olsen and Sandra K. Newton

  • Sustainability in the Wine Industry: Altering the Competitive Landscape? (PDF)
    Thomas Atkin, Armand Gilinsky, Jr. and Sandra K. Newton

  • Staging authenticity in the cellars of Champagne (PDF)
    Maria Kniazeva and Steve Charters (Corresponding Author)

  • Wine tourism: increasing champagne sales in China (PDF)
    David Menival and Huai Yuan Han

  • Wine distribution laws, alcohol consumption, and traffic fatalities in the United States (PDF)
    Brad Rickard, Teevrat Garg and Marco Costanigro

  • Territorial Brands and Scale of Production: The Example of Champagne (PDF)
    Jennifer Smith Maguire and Steve Charters

  • Does How Fluent a Winery Name sounds affect Taste Perception? (PDF)
    Antonia Mantonakis and Bryan Galiffi

  • The territorial brand in wine (PDF)
    Steve Charters, Richard Mitchell and David Menival

  • Business Intelligence and Absorptive Capacity of information by wineries in the Provence wine industry (PDF)
    Coralie Haller, Serge Amabile, Régis Meissonier and Michel Couderc

  • Country-of-Origin Effect of Georgian Wine on German Wine Consumers (PDF)
    Sophie Ghvanidze, Ludwig Theuvsen and Ruth Fleuchaus

  • Understanding Institutional Landscapes: A Comparative International Study of Two Wine Regions (PDF)
    Maureen Benson-Rea, Jean-Guillaume Ditter and Joëlle Brouard

  • Going ‘green’ to find ‘gold’ in wine: A case study of a sustainable New Zealand wine producer (PDF)
    David Thompson and Sharon L. Forbes

  • Analysis of Environmental Management Systems in New Zealand Wineries (PDF)
    Sharon L. Forbes and Tracy-Anne De Silva

  • Wine consumption and purchase behaviour in high and low involvement situations: A comparison of Gen Y and older consumers (PDF)
    Joanna Fountain and Charles Lamb

  • The potential of wine tourism experiences to impart knowledge of sustainable practices: the case of the Greening Waipara biodiversity trails (PDF)
    Joanna Fountain and Jean-Marie Tompkins

  • How different creators of wine brands affect dimensions of brand personality: An empirical study in the German wine industry (PDF)
    Jana Hauck, Johann Füller, Reinhard Prügl and Marcel Tyrell

  • Understanding wine purchase and consumption behavior: a market segmentation proposal (PDF)
    Angelo Riviezzo, Alessandro De Nisco and Antonella Garofano

  • Consumer Evaluation and Decision Process when Engaging in a Sequential Sampling Scenario (PDF)
    Antonia Mantonakis, Matthew Philp, Isabelle Lesschaeve and Reid Hastie

  • Analyzing the Readability of Consumer Brand Wine Websites (PDF)
    Adam J. Mills, Leyland Pitt, Anthony Chan, Narongsak Thongpapanl and Kirk Plangger

  • Using Chernoff Faces to Portray Social Media Wine Brand Images (PDF)
    Leyland Pitt, Adam J. Mills, Anthony Chan, Bulent Menguc and Kirk Plangger

  • Postponement Practices in the Wine Industry: Comparison of Adaptation and Attitudes between California and Bordeaux (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Susan Cholette

  • Competition between and competition within: the strategic positioning of competing countries in key export markets (PDF)
    Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin and Simone Mueller

  • Telepresence and Terroir: The Interplay among Regional Information Elements on Consumer Evaluations (PDF)
    Barry J. Babin, Mitch Griffin and Nathalie Spielmann

  • Regional Development within South Australia – An Analysis of the Current Situation and Proposal for Future Developments in the Wine Sector (PDF)
    Berenice Axisa and Damien Wilson

  • Success factors for second brands in wine brand portfolios (PDF)
    Mark S. Glynn

  • Values, Consumption Situations and Wine Choice Behaviour (PDF)
    Lara Agnoli, Diego Begalli and Roberta Capitello

  • Experts versus word-of-mouth in the wine purchasing dynamics: a model from physics (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Serge Galam

  • Assessing the alignment of sustainability with competitive advantage – A Case Study of Oxford Landing Wine (PDF)
    Andrew Fearne, Claudine Soosay and Annabel Mugford

  • More risks or/and more benefits? Prospect theory application to the analysis of the bio wines evolution in France (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva

  • Collaterals, Bank Monitoring and Performance: the Case of Newly Established Wine Farmers (PDF)
    Julien Cadot

  • Sustainability in Strategy: Maintaining a Premium Position for New Zealand Wine (PDF)
    Maureen Benson-Rea, Paul Woodfield, Roderick J. Brodie and Nicholas Lewis

  • A Comparison of Wine Drinking Behaviours in Young Adults in the UK and France (PDF)
    Caroline Ritchie and Dominique Valentin

  • The behavior of the Y-Generation vis-à-vis wine consumption and wine purchase thanks to Digital Social Networks (PDF)
    Benoît Lecat and Jean-Eric Pelet

  • Bordeaux wines on the Japanese market: how the advantages of the traditional supply chain turn out to be an obstacle? (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Marie Ninomiya

  • Strategic Groups in Specialized Wine Retail in Germany (PDF)
    Caroline Jung and Dieter Hoffmann

  • Sustained Wine Business as Reflected by the International Alcohol Policy (PDF)
    Dieter Hoffmann

  • The Brand Content of Corporate Communications by Grand Cru Bordeaux Wines: A Crossed Lexicometric and Semiotic Analysis (PDF)
    François Bobrie and Pierre Mora[/dt_list_item]

  • Can Digital Social Networks enhance the online selling of Burgundy wine? (PDF)
    Jean-Eric Pelet and Benoît Lecat

  • Place-based Marketing and Wine Tourism: Creating a Point of Difference and Economic Sustainability for Small Wineries (PDF)
    Daisy Dawson, Joanna Fountain and David A. Cohen

  • Cooperative Performance Measurement Proposal (a test with the cooperfic© tool for wine cooperatives in Languedoc– Roussillon) (PDF)
    Saïsset Louis-Antoine, Couderc Jean-Pierre and Bou Saba Mario

  • Young UK Women and Wine: Pre-loading is Safe Drinking! (PDF)
    Richard Ward, Phil Colman, Caroline Ritchie and Felix Ritchie

  • What makes a good Bordeaux wine? A sensory characterization of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur red wines based on regression analysis (PDF)
    Gergely Szolnoki and Dieter Hoffmann

  • An evaluation of public support sustainability on young Tuscan wine farmers (PDF)
    Diego Begalli, Paola Corsinovi and Davide Gaeta

  • The Internationalization Process of Companies in Wine Clusters: A study in Brazil and France (PDF)
    Aurora Carneiro Zen and Jaime Evaldo Fensterseifer

  • Building Wine Brand Communities with the Use of Social Media: A Conceptual Model (PDF)
    Debra A. Laverie, William F. Humphrey Jr, Natalia Velikova, Tim H. Dodd and James B. Wilcox

  • Designing Effective Winery Websites: Marketing-Oriented versus Wine-Oriented Websites (PDF)
    Natalia Velikova, James B. Wilcox and Tim H. Dodd

  • Sustaining Research on Wine Related Topics: A Wine Marketing Manuscript about Writing Wine Marketing Manuscripts (PDF)
    Tim H. Dodd, Natalia Velikova, Debra A. Laverie, Dale F. Duhan and James B. Wilcox

  • How young people are socialised to wine: The experiences of the Generation Y cohort in the US and Australasia (PDF)
    Natalia Velikova and Joanna Fountain

  • Can Consumers Discriminate Between Sensory Attributes in Wine: The Case of Bordeaux Reds (PDF)
    Justin Cohen and Eli Cohen

  • The Servicescape Response: do Brand Committed Consumers Respond Differently to the Cellar Door Experience? (PDF)
    Teagan Altschwager, Cullen Habel and Steve Goodman

  • Alcohol in moderation Market potential for low alcohol wine before and after excise tax increase (PDF)
    Simone Mueller, Larry Lockshin and Jordan J Louviere

  • A vision, a wine and a shining Star in the shadow of Montalcino: the story of a biodynamic pioneer in the heart of Tuscany (PDF)
    Cristina Santini, Armand Gilinsky, Alessio Cavicchi and Marianna Claps

  • Are personal values related to sustainable attribute choice? (PDF)
    Simone Mueller, Lucie Sirieix and Hervé Remaud

  • Strategic Sustainable Wine Regions: Balancing value creation and value appropriation (PDF)
    Martin Kunc

  • Assuring the Provenance of Fine Wine (PDF)
    Eric Vogt and Armelle Jeannel

  • Italian Wine Consumers’ Preferences and Impact of Taxation on Wines of Different Quality and Source (PDF)
    Antonio Stasi, Antonio Seccia and Gianluca Nardone

  • The Structure of the French Retail Wine Market: A Duplication of Purchase Approach (PDF)
    Justin Cohen and Dorin Tataru

  • Profiling wine tourists, more than just demographics (PDF)
    Marlene Pratt

  • Beaunetheorem.com : How to make the wine tasting axioms more understandable through the development of a new wine tasting grid? Academic Session-Work-in-progress (PDF)
    Franchetti Fabrizio and Lecat Benoît

  • Sustaining the promise of terroir: the case of the Central Otago Wine Region (PDF)
    David Ballantyne

  • Wine as a “Cultural Good” in Central and Eastern Europe (PDF)
    Denton Marks

  • Sustainability in the Wine Industry: key questions and research trends (PDF)
    Cristina Santini and Alessio Cavicchi

  • The role of accounting information in the management of winery SMEs: a review of the broader existing literature and its implications for Australia’s wine industry (PDF)
    Melanie Reddaway, Steve Goodman and Chris Graves

  • Co-opetition in the Wine Sector: The Waipara wine cluster revisited (PDF)
    Leo Paul Dana, Julien Granata and Alan Carnaby

  • Wine product bundling: for a new segment of wine consumers (PDF)
    Christopher Matthews, Steve Goodman, Cullen Habel and Simon Somogyi

  • A cross-cultural comparison of sustainability in the wine industry (PDF)
    Gergely Szolnoki, Jonathan Bosman, Olympia Samara, Maximilian Iselborn, Axel Ferrigato, Katalin Tari and Natalia Gálvez Egea

  • Specialized suppliers in the innovation process in wine clusters in Maule Region, Chile (PDF)
    Jaime A. Olavarría and Christian Felzensztein

  • The Georgian Feast: Wine & Food as Embodiment of Networks (PDF)
    Yochanan Altman

  • Packaging design and aesthetic appreciation: Looking for a moderate atypicality effect (PDF)
    Franck Celhay and Jean-François Trinquecoste

  • Argentinean wine performance on US market: An empirical study (PDF)
    Jacques-Olivier Pesme and Sonia Ruseler

  • How Do Fine Wine Brands Grow? (PDF)
    Byron Sharp, Larry Lockshin and Justin Cohen