9th International Conference of the AWBR (2016)

Adelaide, Australia

Full Conference Proceedings (PDF)

1. Cooperative Strategy and Liquidation in the Bordeaux Wine Industry (PDF)
    Adeline Alonso Ugaglia and Julien Cadot

2. Strategy and Leadership in U.S. Wine Businesses: 15 Years On
    Armand Gilinsky, Jr. and Robert Eyler

3. Competitive advantage through direct marketing: A case study of a small New Zealand wine business (PDF)
    Sharon L. Forbes and Rebecca Kennedy

4. Stimulating innovation in family winegrowing firms: Knowledge sharing between generations (PDF)
    Paul Woodfield and Kenneth Husted

5. Innovating Traditional Products: “Self-Sacrifice vs. Product Authenticity” (PDF)
    Bora Qesja, Roberta Crouch and Pascale Quester

6. It’s a family business: Investigating organisation and values of family-owned wineries in Australia, Germany and Italy (PDF)
    Christopher Karl Köhr, Armando Maria Corsi, Roberta Capitello and Gergely Szolnoki

7. Implementing organic viticulture as a business strategy: A case study (PDF)
    Maximilian Iselborn, Gergely Szolnoki and Zoltán Szabó

8. Which success factors drive profitability of privately owned wineries? (PDF)
    Maximilian Iselborn and Simone Loose

9. Innovation strategies for resilient SMEs: A case study in the Italian wine industry (PDF)
    Elisa Conz, Stefano Denicolai and Antonella Zucchella

10. The Finicky Grape Winery Action Research in Wine Accounting (PDF)
    David S. Korb and Sharon L. Wagner

11. An exploratory study on the productivity and efficiency of Spanish and Italian wineries (PDF)
     Veronica Alampi Sottini, Ricardo Sellers Rubio and Silvio Menghini

12. Personality Matters to Young Wine Consumers (PDF)
     Nathalie Spielmann, Barry J. Babin and Caroline Verghote

13. Are Dominant Wine Counsellors More Effective With Consumers? (PDF)
     Mirjam Holm, Ulrich R. Orth, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Jochen Wirtz

14. Did They Grow Into Wine? Revisiting a Gen Y Cohort to Investigate How their Interaction with Wine has Evolved over Time (PDF)
     Caroline Ritchie

15. Benefits convincing wine consumers – Developing a unique selling proposition for Georgian wines based on focus group analysis (PDF)
     Lela Griessbach, Sophie Ghvanidze and Jan Lakotta

16. Characteristics, Preferences, and Purchase Drivers of Hispanic Wine Consumers in the U.S. (PDF)
     Natalia Velikova and Tim Dodd

17. Consumer Knowledge and Preferences for Wine amongst Visitors to Burgundy (PDF)
     Natalia Velikova, Steve Charters and Laurence Cogan-Marie

18. Melting Pot or Blended Wine: Does Ethnicity Still Matter in Understanding Consumer Wine Behavior? (PDF)
     Liz Thach, MW and Janeen Olsen

19. How important is the carbon claim in Generation Y Italians’ wine choice? (PDF)
     Roberta Capitello, Lara Agnoli, Steve Charters and Diego Begalli

20. Australian Consumers’ Perceptions of Champagne and Other Sparkling Wine: An Exploratory Study* (PDF)
     Naomi R. Verdonk, John W. Wilkinson, Julie A. Culbert, Renata Ristic, Melissa J. Lane, Karma L. Pearce and Kerry L. Wilkinson

21. Danish Consumer Preferences for Wine and the Impact of Involvement (PDF)
     Polymeros Chrysochou and Jacob Brunbjerg Jørgensen

22. Take Me There, I’ll Like the Product More (PDF)
     Nathalie Spielmann, Aikaterini Manthiou, Barry J. Babin and Antonia Mantonakis

23. Emotional impact of wine selling websites: An investigation of the online perception of wine web stores (PDF)
     Peter Merdian, Edith Rüger-Muck and Gerhard Raab

24. How to Engage Wine Customers Online and Offline? An Exploratory Study (PDF)
     Regine Heimers and Edith Rueger-Muck

25. The impact of celebrity endorsement on wine brands’ likeability and purchase intention: A Chinese perspective (PDF)
     Hin Chun Can CHAN, Marc MAZODIER and Hervé REMAUD

26. Learning wine thanks to powerful MOOC emulation (PDF)
     Jean-Éric Pelet, Benoît Lecat and Stéphane Fauvy

27. Wine and website loyalty: A model of sales promotion and service attributes (PDF)
     Jean-Éric Pelet, Benoît Lecat, Jashim Khan, Linda W. Lee, Debbie Vigar-Ellis, Marianne McGarry Wolf, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Androniki Kavoura, Vicky Katsoni and Anne Lena Wegmann

28. Coffee and Wine: A Comparison of Two Value Chains, Ownership Structures and Sustainability Standards (PDF)
     Morten Scholer

29. Factors impacting wine prices’ mark-up in restaurants (PDF)
     Florine Livat and Hervé Remaud

30. Success marketing factors for boutique wineries: Perception of wine store managers (PDF)
     Tomer Levy and Eli Cohen

31. How do retail distribution and market share measures relate in the wine category? A conceptual outline and speculation based on current knowledge (PDF)
     Martin Hirche, Larry Lockshin, Luke Greenacre and Magdalena Nenycz-Thiel

32. Marketing by What Matters: Using Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Values to Identify Wine Consumer Segments (PDF)
     Janeen Olsen, Tom Atkin and Liz Thach, MW

33. For the Love of Country: How Origin-related Affect Influences Consumer Wine Evaluation and Preference (PDF)
     Roberta Crouch, Ulrich R. Orth and Vinh N. Lu

34. The emphasis on people and place in the identity and marketing of two premium Australian wineries (PDF)
     Amie Sexton

35. Diagnosing the Success of Brand New Zealand Wine (PDF)
Roderick J. Brodie, Maureen Benson-Rea and Christopher J. Medlin

36. Designing Culturally Specific Wine Packages: The Case of Visual Harmony (PDF)
     Kristina Haberstroh, Ulrich Orth, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Justin Cohen, Armando Corsi, Roberta Crouch and Renata De Marchi

37. How to discriminate fun and exploratory labels from typical labels? (PDF)
Francois Durrieu and Renaud Lunardo

38. Designing Labels to Make Consumers Willing to Pay More for Wines: The Effects of Typical, Fun and Local Front Labels on Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Bordeaux Wines (PDF)
     Renaud Lunardo and Francois Durrieu

39. Old wine in new bottles? The impact of information on the acceptance of innovative wine packaging (PDF)
     Lucas Nesselhauf, Johannes Deker and Ruth Fleuchaus

40. What does your wine label mean to consumers? A semiotic approach (PDF)
     Franck Celhay and Hervé Remaud

41. Fantasy themes on wine labels: A good idea for practitioners? (PDF)
     David A. Jaud, Valentyna Melnyk and Jan R. Landwehr

42. Demographics of U.S. Wine Consumers: A Comparison between Two Data Collection Approaches (PDF)
     Michaela A. Nuebling, Rhonda K. Hammond and Carl A. Behnke

43. Developing Resource Integration Capabilities in Wine Industry R&D Collaborations (PDF)
     Jodie Conduit, Carolin Plewa and Roderick J. Brodie

44. Sustainability: A tale of two New Zealand wineries (PDF)
     Sharon L. Forbes and Tracy-Anne De Silva

45. The Triple Bottom Line in the Global Wine Industry (PDF)
     Susan L. Golicic, Daniel J. Flint and Paola Signori

46. A Sustainable Performance Measurement System for the Chilean Wine Industry’s Supply Chain (PDF)
     Lionel Valenzuela Oyaneder, Sergio Maturana Valderrama, Fernando Yanine, Patricio Rubio Romero and Juan Tapia Gertosio

47. Communication orientations on Facebook: How do consumers perceive brand posts? (PDF)
     Steve Goodman, Cullen Habel and Rebecca Dolan

48. Facebook for Wine Brands: An Analysis of Strategies for Facebook Posts and User Engagement Actions (PDF)
     Rebecca Dolan, Jodie Conduit, John Fahy and Steve Goodman

49. This is my perfect match! Understanding luxury wine consumption (PDF)
     Hannah L. Wolf and Sussie C. Morrish

50. Talking With You – Not At You: How Brand Ambassadors Can Spark Consumer Brand Attachment (PDF)
     Roberta Crouch, Michael Proksch and Pascale Quester

51. Defining the luxury wine category via an assessment of price-tier perceptions (PDF)
     Stephen Jarrett and Wade Jarvis

52. Problematic Aspects of the Legal Framework for Protecting Australia’s Wine Regions (PDF)
     Vicki Waye and Stephen Stern

53. Wine tourists’ loyalty intentions: Toward an integrated behaviour model (PDF)
     Xiaoyu Chen, Steve Goodman, Justin Cohen and Johan Bruwer

54. The Development of Wine tourism in Lesser-known Wine Regions: The Case of Jurra (PDF)
     Laurence Cogan-Marie, Steve Charters and Natalia Velikova

55. Planning Public versus Private Investment: Penedes Wine Route (Spain) Case Study: An Exploration through the Resource Based View (RBV) (PDF)
     Casas-Romeo, Agusti, Subirà-Llobera, Esther and Huertas-García, Ruben

56. Case Study: Heritage of the Priorat (PDF)
     Casas-Romeo, Agusti, Huertas-García, Ruben and Subirà-Llobera, Esther

57. Segmentation of visitors in a German wine-growing region: The Rheingau and its tourists (PDF)
     Gergely Szolnoki, Simone Loose, Katalin Tari and Maximilian Iselborn

58. Identifying facilitators, constraints of wine tourism for outbound Chinese tourists (PDF)
     Qiushi (Cathy) Gu, Hanqin Qiu and Brian E.M. King

59. Winemaking in Myanmar: Identity and authenticity (PDF)
     Jacqueline Dutton

60. Motivations to attend a New Zealand wine and food festival: The role of involvement (PDF)
     Joanna Fountain and Greg Ryan

61. The impact of New Zealand visitation on Chinese perceptions of New Zealand wine (PDF)
     Joanna Fountain and David Menival

62. Just here for the scenery? Chinese holidaymakers and wine tourism in New Zealand (PDF)
     Joanna Fountain

63. Wine Cluster Key Driver of Success for Wine Tourism in the Czech Republic (PDF)
     Martin PROKEŠ, Eva SKÁLOVÁ and Lukáš NĚMČÍK

64. Does Wine Enhance the Attractiveness of a Destination? (PDF)
     Albert Franz STÖCKL, Stephanie TISCHLER, Claudia BAUER-KRÖSBACHER, Theresa KOJA and Julia Katharina MATHIS

65. Sources of Information Used by Wine Tourists Prior to Visiting an Australian Wine Region (PDF)
     Ann-Marie Manno, Nicole Richards and Johan Bruwer

66. Does location of origin differentiate wine tourists? Findings from McLaren Vale, Australia (PDF)
     Marianna Sigala and Johan Bruwer

67. Evolving Consumption Patterns and Free Trade Agreements: Impacts on Global Wine Markets by 2020 (PDF)
     Kym Anderson and Glyn Wittwer

68. The Chinese Premium Wine Market after Bordeaux: Opportunities for Port Wine (PDF)
     Hanna Botelho Karhunen and Martin Kunc

69. Exploration and exploitation in accelerated internationalization: Evidence from the global wine industry (PDF)
     Maureen Benson-Rea, Susan Freeman, Christina Stringer, Benjamin Fath and Christian Felzensztein