10th International Conference of the AWBR (2017)

Rohnert Park, California, USA

Full Conference Proceedings (PDF)

Full Conference Papers

9. Exploring duplication of purchase patterns between wine buyers residing in different regions (PDF)
    Armando Maria Corsi, Hervé Remaud & Belinda Chiera

14. Supporting export programs under demand uncertainty through labelling postponement (PDF) 
      Mauricio Varas, Franco Basso, Susan Cholette, Alejandro Mac Cawley & Sergio Maturana

20. Philanthropy in the Global Wine Industry: An Exploratory Study Part 2: Cross-National Quantitative Analysis (PDF)
      Sharon Forbes, Rosana Fuentes Ferández, Armand Gilinsky, Marc Dressler and Armando Maria Corsi

24. What Does Sustainable Wine Mean to Consumers? An exploratory Study in France and Italy (PDF)
      Roberta Capitello and Lucie Sirieix

30. The Advertising of Burgundy Wine Since the Beginnings of Vinticulture (PDF)
      Claude Chapuis

31. Burgundy’s vineyards during World War 1 (PDF)
      Claude Chapuis

53. How consumptions occasions shape consumer preferences: a discrete choice experiment approach (PDF)
      Armando Maria Corsi, Justin Cohen & Larry Lockshin

57. An Exploratory Classification of the Wineries in the DO Emporda (PDF)
      Agustí Casas, Esther Subirà, Pilar Presas and Merce Bernardo


1. Do wine buyers purchase wine differently online versus in brick and mortar stores? (PDF) 
    Marguerite Higuet & Hervé Remaud

2. Factors influencing retailers’ decision to stock wine: Brand or region? (PDF)
    Ann-Marie Azzurro, Larry Lockshin, Byron Sharp, Cathy Nguyen & Svetlana Bogomolova

3. Risk perceptions in the wine industry: An exploratory study in Northern Italy (PDF)
    Diego Begalli, Roberta Capitello, Maria De Salvo & Barbara Gaudenzi

4. Vulnerability and resilience in New Zealand’s wine industry: A case study from the Marlborough region (PDF)
    Nick Cradock-Henry & Joanna Fountain

7. Will Austrian tax reforms send wine tourism packing? (PDF)
    Albert Stöckl & Lena Schachinger

8. How country of origins compete and grow (PDF)
    Giang Trinh, Armando Corsi & Larry Lockshin

10. Do people buy wine and beer differently in rural versus urban cities? (PDF)
      Armando Maria Corsi, Dale F. Duhan, Jennifer Latch & Hervé Remaud

11. Consume less, consume better: the case of wine in moderation message (PDF)
      Charlotte Massa & Sébastien Bédé

12. Doing business between two emerging economies: The entry and perspective of Brazilian wineries in China (PDF)
      Natalia Carrãro Winckler, Jessica Moreira Maia Souto, Aurora Carneiro Zen & Daniela Callegaro-de-Menezes

13. Resilience in wine supply chains (PDF)
      Mark M.J. Wilson& Sharon L. Forbes

15. Adaption Strategies of Bordeaux’s winemakers to face climate change (PDF) 
      A. Alonso Ugaglia, E. Giraud-Héraud, S. Pérès & Y. Surry

16. Sustainability and its impact on Chile’s vineyards (PDF)
      Lionel Valenzuela Oyaneder, Daniel Moscovici, Juan Tapia Gertosio & Fernando Yanine

18. Doing but not believing. Why wineries engage in sustainability practices (PDF) 
      Nathalie Spielmann

19. Philanthropy in the global wine industry: an exploratory study part 1: Cross-national qualitative analysis (PDF)
      Sharon Forbes, Rosana Fuentes Fernández & Armand Gilinsky

33. Georgian wine museum is making a strategic decision (PDF)
      Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva & Natalia Velikova

34. Sula vineyard video case study (PDF)
      Astha Sen & Armand Gilinsky

38. From non-drinkers to drinkers: the wine adoption journey and the key adoption factors among Chinese consumers (PDF)
      Lishi Zeng, Gergely Szolnoki, Simone Mueller Loose, Larry Lockshin, Armando Corsi, Justin Cohen & Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva

39. Young Chinese consumers and their first wine experience (PDF)
      Joanna Fountain & Zhu Mingfang

40. How can you improve the reputation of a territorial brand? (PDF)
      David Menival & Stev Charters

47. Considering the effects of perceived website personality on wine purchases in m-commerce and why gender matters (PDF)
Jean-Eric Pelet

48. The Wolfville Magic Winery Bus: profiles and segmentation of wine tourists in a nascent North American cool-climate wine region (PDF)
      Donna Sears & Terrance Weatherbee

49. Culinary wine tourism: Exploring the theory of experiential consumption (PDF)
      Guenter Schamel

50. Comparing purchase and experience motivated winery visitors (PDF)
Bonnie Farber Canziani

51. Does satisfaction trigger purchase: The case of winery visit experience (PDF)
Sébastien Bédé & Charlotte Massa

52. Wine tourism in the Côte Chalonnaise: An emerging destination (PDF)
Laurence Cogan-Marie & Joanna Fountain

54. More than wine. Analyzing the importance of terroir for different products in different markets? (PDF)
Lara Agnoli, Steve Charters & Valériane Tavilla

55. Wine store brands and consumer perceptions
Yosr Ben Tahar & Charlotte Massa

56. Counterfeit French wines: A review (PDF)
      Benoit Lecat, Claude Chapuis & Joelle Brouard

57. An exploratory cluster analysis of the wineries in the DO Emporda (PDF)
Agustí Casas, Esther Subirà, Pilar Presas & Merce Bernardo

58. Relationship between business model and strategy in the wine industry: An exploratory study (PDF)
      Ouvrard Stéphane & Spiga Antonio

59. Strategic foundations of Grand Curs (PDF)
Kjell Toften, Pierre Mora & Trond Hammervoll

60. Environmental effects on entrepreneurial thinking in the Northern California wine industry (PDF)
Armand Gilinsky, Jr., Robert Eyler, Sandra K. Newton & James A. Downing

61. Hot weather-cool drinks: Is day temperature associated with retail sales of alcoholic beverages (PDF)
Martin Hirche, Juliane Haensch & Larry Lockshin

62. The choice of adopting the “Rive” sub-appellation in the marketing the Prosecco sparkling wine (PDF)      
      Luigi Galletto, Luigino Barisan, Luca Rossetto & Vasco Boatto

63. The market of rosé wines in Italy: an hedonic price analysis on retail channel (PDF)
Luca Rossetto & Luigi Galletto

64. Eastern European wine industry’s two-prong approach to marketing (PDF)
John E. Hudelson

65. Wine trails in the Czech Republic (PDF)
Martin Prokeš

66. Profiling the new wine consumers in Poland (PDF)
      Renata Schaefer, Liz Thach & Janeen Olsen

67. Does terroir matter for wine and wine destination marketing? The case of Greek wines and wine consumers (PDF)
      Marianna Sigala & Maroula Dimopoulou

68. Country resources and competitive advantage in the international market: A study of the Brazilian wine industry (PDF)
Natália Carrão Winckler, Aurora Carneiro Zen & Frédéric Prévot

69. Shaping a wine territory and its development: The case of the Okanagan, British Columbia (PDF)
Malida Mooken, Jacques-Olivier Pesme & Roger Sugden

70. Using proximity theory to understand actor engagement in the French Wine Industry (PDF)
      Jodie Conduit & Coralie Haller

71. Wine Tourism and Staff Training in a Novice Wine Region: The Case of Northern Virginia (PDF)
      Jennifer L. Blanck, Laurence Cogan-Marie & Lara Agnoli

72. How do consumers shop wine online? An application of the Dirichlet model (PDF)
      Stephan Kahl, Simone Mueller Loose & Armando M. Corsi