International Journal of Wine Business Research

The International Journal of Wine Business Research (IJWBR) is the official outlet of the Academy of Wine Business Research. AWBR supports the journal through a significant number of AWBR members serving on the Editorial Advisory Board and the Editorial Review Board.

The purpose of the IJWBR is to provide a forum for publication of timely, rigorous, technically sound, and scientific research manuscripts that focus on all business aspects of the wine industry (accounting, finance, human resources management, international business, management, MIS, marketing, strategy, etc.).

IJWBR strives to disseminate new knowledge bridging the scientific and professional communities. It is unique in being the only vehicle which publishes the latest research in wine business.

IJWBR accepts three types of manuscript – scientific papers, synthesis papers, and editorials. Regardless of type, articles contribute something new to the body of scientific knowledge.

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Current Issue

Article Title: The size distribution of California’s north coast wineries: 1984-2009

Authors: Don Cyr, Joseph Kushner, Tomson Ogwang

Article Type: Research paper

Keywords: Market share, Minimum efficient size, Size distribution of wineries, United States of America, Wine business, Winemaking, Wineries

Pages: 6-18

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Article Title: Business coursework and the resource-based view (RBV)

Authors: Nicholas C. Williamson, Joy Bhadury, Kay Dobie, Victor Ofori-Boadu, Samuel Parker Troy, Osei Yeboah

Article Type: Research paper

Keywords: Business education, Business studies, Owner-managers, Resource-based view, Resources, United States of America, Vertical integration, Vertical marketing, Wineries

Pages: 19-32

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Article Title: Consumer liking of white wines: segmentation using self-reported wine liking and wine knowledge

Authors: Ellena S. King, Trent E. Johnson, Susan E.P. Bastian, Patricia Osidacz, I. Leigh Francis

Article Type: Research paper

Keywords: Australia, Consumer behaviour, Consumer segmentation, Consumption behaviour, White wine, White wine liking, Wine knowledge

Pages: 33-46

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Article Title: The impact of environmental protection and hedonistic values on organic wine purchases in the US

Authors: Janeen Olsen, Liz Thach, Liz Hemphill

Article Type: Research paper

Keywords: Consumer behaviour, Environmental protection, Hedonism, Organic wine, United States of America, Wines

Pages: 47-67

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Article Title: A strategic investigation of the determinants of wine consumption in China

Authors: Angelo A. Camillo

Article Type: Research paper

Keywords: Beverage management, China, China wine consumption, Competitive strategy, Consumer behaviour, Consumption determinants, Emerging markets, Wine marketing strategy, Wines

Pages: 68-92

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Title: Editorial

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