6th International Conference of the AWBR

Wine For Breakfast: Exploring Wine Occasions For Gen Y (PDF)

Liz Thach

Terroir: The Black Hole of Wine Marketing? (PDF)

Nathalie Spielmann and Claire Gélinas-Chebat

Barriers and driving forces in organic winemaking in Europe: case studies in France and Italy (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Anna Krzywoszynska

Does behaviour of heavy and light wine buyers differ? (PDF)

Polymeros Chrysochou, Larry Lockshin, Sarah Habenschuss and Giang Trinh

Sustainability through Resilience: The Very Essence of the Wine Industry (PDF)

Daniel J. Flint, Susan L. Golicic and Paola Signori

Intangible expenses, export intensity and company performance in the French wine industry (PDF)

Paul Amadieu, Carole Maurel and Jean-Laurent Viviani

Nurturing the Grapevine: A Novel Perspective on Company-initiated Electronic Word-of-Mouth (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth and Ulrike Reisner

The Role of Tourism Experiences in Attaching Consumers to Regional Brands (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth

Which winery to represent: what influences the distributor’s choice? (PDF)

Steve Goodman

The Influence of Tour Destination Image on Chinese consumers preference for Australian Wine? (PDF)

Jasha Bowe and Larry Lockshin

Sustaining the Quality Positioning of New Zealand Wine: A Marketing Finance Perspective (PDF)

Roderick J. Brodie, Mark S. Glynn and Don E. Schultz

Service quality, customer value and satisfaction relationship revisited for online wine websites (PDF)

Grégory Bressolles and François Durrieu

Types of authenticity in champagne: The brand manager’s view (PDF)

Stephanie Muraz and Steve Charters (Corresponding Author)

Alcohol warnings stimuli: a methodological framework for the analysis of changes in attitude and behaviour compliance towards alcoholic beverages (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin and Klaus Kilov

Millennial Wine Consumer Dining Preferences Segmented By Restaurant Type: An Exploratory Study (PDF)

Janeen Olsen and Sandra K. Newton

Sustainability in the Wine Industry: Altering the Competitive Landscape? (PDF)

Thomas Atkin, Armand Gilinsky, Jr. and Sandra K. Newton

Staging authenticity in the cellars of Champagne (PDF)

Maria Kniazeva and Steve Charters (Corresponding Author)

Wine tourism: increasing champagne sales in China (PDF)

David Menival and Huai Yuan Han

Wine distribution laws, alcohol consumption, and traffic fatalities in the United States (PDF)

Brad Rickard, Teevrat Garg and Marco Costanigro

Territorial Brands and Scale of Production: The Example of Champagne (PDF)

Jennifer Smith Maguire and Steve Charters

Does How Fluent a Winery Name sounds affect Taste Perception? (PDF)

Antonia Mantonakis and Bryan Galiffi

The territorial brand in wine (PDF)

Steve Charters, Richard Mitchell and David Menival

Business Intelligence and Absorptive Capacity of information by wineries in the Provence wine industry (PDF)

Coralie Haller, Serge Amabile, Régis Meissonier and Michel Couderc

Country-of-Origin Effect of Georgian Wine on German Wine Consumers (PDF)

Sophie Ghvanidze, Ludwig Theuvsen and Ruth Fleuchaus

Understanding Institutional Landscapes: A Comparative International Study of Two Wine Regions (PDF)

Maureen Benson-Rea, Jean-Guillaume Ditter and Joëlle Brouard

Going ‘green’ to find ‘gold’ in wine: A case study of a sustainable New Zealand wine producer (PDF)

David Thompson and Sharon L. Forbes

Analysis of Environmental Management Systems in New Zealand Wineries (PDF)

Sharon L. Forbes and Tracy-Anne De Silva

Wine consumption and purchase behaviour in high and low involvement situations: A comparison of Gen Y and older consumers (PDF)

Joanna Fountain and Charles Lamb

The potential of wine tourism experiences to impart knowledge of sustainable practices: the case of the Greening Waipara biodiversity trails (PDF)

Joanna Fountain and Jean-Marie Tompkins

How different creators of wine brands affect dimensions of brand personality: An empirical study in the German wine industry (PDF)

Jana Hauck, Johann Füller, Reinhard Prügl and Marcel Tyrell

Understanding wine purchase and consumption behavior: a market segmentation proposal (PDF)

Angelo Riviezzo, Alessandro De Nisco and Antonella Garofano

Consumer Evaluation and Decision Process when Engaging in a Sequential Sampling Scenario (PDF)

Antonia Mantonakis, Matthew Philp, Isabelle Lesschaeve and Reid Hastie

Analyzing the Readability of Consumer Brand Wine Websites (PDF)

Adam J. Mills, Leyland Pitt, Anthony Chan, Narongsak Thongpapanl and Kirk Plangger

Using Chernoff Faces to Portray Social Media Wine Brand Images (PDF)

Leyland Pitt, Adam J. Mills, Anthony Chan, Bulent Menguc and Kirk Plangger

Postponement Practices in the Wine Industry: Comparison of Adaptation and Attitudes between California and Bordeaux (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Susan Cholette

Competition between and competition within: the strategic positioning of competing countries in key export markets (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin and Simone Mueller

Telepresence and Terroir: The Interplay among Regional Information Elements on Consumer Evaluations (PDF)

Barry J. Babin, Mitch Griffin and Nathalie Spielmann

Regional Development within South Australia – An Analysis of the Current Situation and Proposal for Future Developments in the Wine Sector (PDF)

Berenice Axisa and Damien Wilson

Success factors for second brands in wine brand portfolios (PDF)

Mark S. Glynn

Values, Consumption Situations and Wine Choice Behaviour (PDF)

Lara Agnoli, Diego Begalli and Roberta Capitello

Experts versus word-of-mouth in the wine purchasing dynamics: a model from physics (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Serge Galam

Assessing the alignment of sustainability with competitive advantage – A Case Study of Oxford Landing Wine (PDF)

Andrew Fearne, Claudine Soosay and Annabel Mugford

More risks or/and more benefits? Prospect theory application to the analysis of the bio wines evolution in France (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva

Collaterals, Bank Monitoring and Performance: the Case of Newly Established Wine Farmers (PDF)

Julien Cadot

Sustainability in Strategy: Maintaining a Premium Position for New Zealand Wine (PDF)

Maureen Benson-Rea, Paul Woodfield, Roderick J. Brodie and Nicholas Lewis

A Comparison of Wine Drinking Behaviours in Young Adults in the UK and France (PDF)

Caroline Ritchie and Dominique Valentin

The behavior of the Y-Generation vis-à-vis wine consumption and wine purchase thanks to Digital Social Networks (PDF)

Benoît Lecat and Jean-Eric Pelet

Bordeaux wines on the Japanese market: how the advantages of the traditional supply chain turn out to be an obstacle? (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Marie Ninomiya

Strategic Groups in Specialized Wine Retail in Germany (PDF)

Caroline Jung and Dieter Hoffmann

Sustained Wine Business as Reflected by the International Alcohol Policy (PDF)

Dieter Hoffmann

The Brand Content of Corporate Communications by Grand Cru Bordeaux Wines : A Crossed Lexicometric and Semiotic Analysis (PDF)

François Bobrie and Pierre Mora

Can Digital Social Networks enhance the online selling of Burgundy wine? (PDF)

Jean-Eric Pelet and Benoît Lecat

Place-based Marketing and Wine Tourism: Creating a Point of Difference and Economic Sustainability for Small Wineries (PDF)

Daisy Dawson, Joanna Fountain and David A. Cohen

Cooperative Performance Measurement Proposal (a test with the cooperfic© tool for wine cooperatives in languedoc– roussillon) (PDF)

Saïsset Louis-Antoine, Couderc Jean-Pierre and Bou Saba Mario

Young UK Women and Wine: Pre-loading is Safe Drinking! (PDF)

Richard Ward, Phil Colman, Caroline Ritchie and Felix Ritchie

What makes a good Bordeaux wine? A sensory characterization of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur red wines based on regression analysis (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki and Dieter Hoffmann

An evaluation of public support sustainability on young Tuscan wine farmers (PDF)

Diego Begalli, Paola Corsinovi and Davide Gaeta

The Internationalization Process of Companies in Wine Clusters: A study in Brazil and France (PDF)

Aurora Carneiro Zen and Jaime Evaldo Fensterseifer

Building Wine Brand Communities with the Use of Social Media: A Conceptual Model (PDF)

Debra A. Laverie, William F. Humphrey Jr, Natalia Velikova, Tim H. Dodd and James B. Wilcox

Designing Effective Winery Websites: Marketing-Oriented versus Wine-Oriented Websites (PDF)

Natalia Velikova, James B. Wilcox and Tim H. Dodd

Sustaining Research on Wine Related Topics: A Wine Marketing Manuscript about Writing Wine Marketing Manuscripts (PDF)

Tim H. Dodd, Natalia Velikova, Debra A. Laverie, Dale F. Duhan and James B. Wilcox

How young people are socialised to wine: The experiences of the Generation Y cohort in the US and Australasia (PDF)

Natalia Velikova and Joanna Fountain

Can Consumers Discriminate Between Sensory Attributes in Wine: The Case of Bordeaux Reds (PDF)

Justin Cohen and Eli Cohen

The Servicescape Response: do Brand Committed Consumers Respond Differently to the Cellar Door Experience? (PDF)

Teagan Altschwager, Cullen Habel and Steve Goodman

Alcohol in moderation Market potential for low alcohol wine before and after excise tax increase (PDF)

Simone Mueller, Larry Lockshin and Jordan J Louviere

A vision, a wine and a shining Star in the shadow of Montalcino: the story of a biodynamic pioneer in the heart of Tuscany (PDF)

Cristina Santini, Armand Gilinsky, Alessio Cavicchi and Marianna Claps

Are personal values related to sustainable attribute choice? (PDF)

Simone Mueller, Lucie Sirieix and Hervé Remaud

Strategic Sustainable Wine Regions: Balancing value creation and value appropriation (PDF)

Martin Kunc

Assuring the Provenance of Fine Wine (PDF)

Eric Vogt and Armelle Jeannel

Italian Wine Consumers’ Preferences and Impact of Taxation on Wines of Different Quality and Source (PDF)

Antonio Stasi, Antonio Seccia and Gianluca Nardone

The Structure of the French Retail Wine Market: A Duplication of Purchase Approach (PDF)

Justin Cohen and Dorin Tataru

Profiling wine tourists, more than just demographics (PDF)

Marlene Pratt

Beaunetheorem.com : How to make the wine tasting axioms more understandable through the development of a new wine tasting grid? Academic Session-Work-in-progress (PDF)

Franchetti Fabrizio and Lecat Benoît

Sustaining the promise of terroir: the case of the Central Otago Wine Region (PDF)

David Ballantyne

Wine as a “Cultural Good” in Central and Eastern Europe (PDF)

Denton Marks

Sustainability in the Wine Industry: key questions and research trends (PDF)

Cristina Santini and Alessio Cavicchi

The role of accounting information in the management of winery SMEs: a review of the broader existing literature and its implications for Australia’s wine industry (PDF)

Melanie Reddaway, Steve Goodman and Chris Graves

Co-opetition in the Wine Sector: The Waipara wine cluster revisited (PDF)

Leo Paul Dana, Julien Granata and Alan Carnaby

Wine product bundling: for a new segment of wine consumers (PDF)

Christopher Matthews, Steve Goodman, Cullen Habel and Simon Somogyi

A cross-cultural comparison of sustainability in the wine industry (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki, Jonathan Bosman, Olympia Samara, Maximilian Iselborn, Axel Ferrigato, Katalin Tari and Natalia Gálvez Egea

Specialized suppliers in the innovation process in wine clusters in Maule Region, Chile (PDF)

Jaime A. Olavarría and Christian Felzensztein

The Georgian Feast: Wine & Food as Embodiment of Networks (PDF)

Yochanan Altman

Packaging design and aesthetic appreciation: Looking for a moderate atypicality effect (PDF)

Franck Celhay and Jean-François Trinquecoste

Argentinean wine performance on US market: An empirical study (PDF)

Jacques-Olivier Pesme and Sonia Ruseler

How Do Fine Wine Brands Grow? (PDF)

Byron Sharp, Larry Lockshin and Justin Cohen