3rd International Wine Business and Marketing Research Conference (2006)

Montpellier, France

Globalisation + Financialisation = Concentration? Recent trends on mergers, acquisitions and financial investments in the wine sector (PDF)
Alfredo Manuel Coelho and Jean-Pierre Couderc

Consumer Socialization of the U.S. Wine Consumers (PDF)
Janeen E. Olesen, Elizabeth C. Thach and Linda Nowak

An analysis of consumers’ perception of the quality of DOC Etna wine (PDF)
Elena Caniglia, Mario D’Amico and Iuri Peri

Disconfirmation of taste as a measure of region of origin equity. An experimental study of five French wine regions (PDF)
François d’Hauteville, Marianela Fornerino and Jean Philippe Perrouty

The Use of Sensory Descriptive Analysis to Gain Better Understanding of Consumer Wine Language (PDF)
Isabelle Lesschaeve

The role of intrinsic (sensory) cues and the extrinsic cues of country of origin and price of food product evaluation (PDF)
Roberta Veale, Pascale Quester and Amal Karunaratna

How to Promote Quality Perception in Wine Markets: Brand Advertising or Geographic Indication (PDF)
Chengyan Yue, Stéphan Marette and John C. Beghin

The drivers of regionality: the case of the Australian wine regions (PDF)
Chris Easingwood

The emerging Brazilian wine industry: challenges and prospects for the Serra Gaúcha wine cluster (PDF)
Jaime Evaldo Fensterseifer

Wine business in Tuscany: evidence on entrepreneurial models and local systems (PDF)
Alberto Mattiacci, Costanza Nosi and Lorenzo Zanni

Clusters of Grapes and Wine (PDF)
Rolf A.E. Mueller and Daniel A. Sumner

How do consumers use signals to assess wine quality? (PDF)
Olivier Gergaud and Florine Livat

Determinants of wine consumption of U.S. consumers: an econometric analysis (PDF)
Mahmood Hussain, Richard Castaldi and Susan Cholette

Explaining Market Prices for Grapes: Location, Variety, Market Power and Contracted Quality (PDF)
Hyunok Lee and Daniel A. Sumner

Profitability, Growth and Corporate Value of the Wine Companies (PDF)
Stefano Cordero di Montezemolo

Challenge and Change: an exploratory study of competitive strategy in the Northern California and Spanish wine industries (PDF)
Armand Gilinsky, Jr., Robert Eyler, Agustí Casas Romeo and Esther Subirá Lobera

What makes small wine companies more competitive in their export markets? Market orientation and innovativeness influence (PDF)
Herve Remaud

Weick to wine: managerial relevance of organizing for high reliability in the wine industry (PDF)
Alfred E Seaman, John J Williams, Barry Wright, Carman Cullen and Linda Bramble

Austrian wine: developments after the wine scandal of 1985 and its current situation (PDF)
Albert Stöckl

Developing a Research Agenda for Export Lead Growth: The Case of the New Zealand Wine Industry (PDF)
Roderick J. Brodie, Linda Hollebeek and Maureen Benson-Rea

A Country-Level Analysis of Competitive Advantage in the Wine Industry (PDF)
Richard M. Castaldi, Susan Cholette and Mahmood Hussain

Global Match: Helping Small Wineries Gain Access to Markets Worldwide (PDF)
Susan Cholette

Market Orientation of the French and Hungarian Small and Medium Sized Vineries (PDF)
François Durrieu and Agnes Toth Hofmeister

The UK Fairtrade Niche: Pros and Cons for Argentine wine producers (PDF)
M. Cecilia Gadea

Wine Consumer Behaviour in the selected points of sale of the Italian Major Retailing Trade (PDF)
Leonardo Casini, Chiara Seghieri and Francesco Torrisi

Positioning Mapping of Red Wines (PDF)
Eli Cohen and Oded Lowengart

Segmentation of the Romanian wine market: an exploratory study (PDF)
François Fulconis and Jean-Laurent Viviani

Using the Best-Worst method to examine market segments and identify different influences of consumer choice (PDF)
Steve Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Eli Cohen

Drivers of Consumers’ Wine Choice: A Multiattribute Approach (PDF)
Oded Lowengart and Eli Cohen

What do generations X and Y want in a wine tourism experience? An application of importance-performance evaluation to a youth-targeted wine tour (PDF)
Jack Carlsen, Donald Getz and Cathy Willcock

Winter Wine Tourists in Canada’s Niagara Region (PDF)
Carman W. Cullen, Eugene Kaciak, Linda Bramble, Barry Wright, Alfred E. Seaman and John J. Williams

Building restaurant wine lists: a study in conflict (PDF)
Nicole Davis and Steve Charters

Importance of winery visitor group size on feelings of gratitude and obligation (PDF)
N. Kolyesnikova, T.H. Dodd and D.A. Laverie

Barriers to Vertical Integration between the Wine and Tourism Industries: The Case of Central Otago, New Zealand (PDF)
Richard Mitchell and Christine Schreiber

Supply Restriction and the Diffusion of Screw Caps (PDF)
Thomas S. Atkin and Rosanna Garcia

The Role of Packaging in Marketing Communication: an Exploratory Study of the Italian Wine Business (PDF)
Patrizia de Luca and Pierpaolo Penco

Packaging design as resource for the construction of brand identity (PDF)
Ulrich R. Orth and Keven Malkewitz

Small Wineries and Strategic Options: the role of Premium Bag in Box (PDF)
Cristina Santini, Alessio Cavicchi and Benedetto Rocchi

How effectively do we communicate about wine? (PDF)
Steve Charters and Simone Pettigrew

Brand equity and brand survival: evidence from an emerging wine region (PDF)
D.F. Duhan, D.A. Laverie, J.B. Wilcox, N. Kolyesnikova and T.H. Dodd

Sommeliers’ role and influence as a wine marketer in the United States (PDF)
Margie Ferree Jones and B.W.A. (Ben) Dewald

The country-of-origin effect of sparkling wine (PDF)
Simone Müller

Why keep a cobweb in your cellar: a diagnostic tool to evaluate the use of e-commerce and technology in wine marketing (PDF)
Sarah Quinton and Sally Harridge-March

Tradition and Modernity in the New New World of Wine: Market innovation in Languedoc AOC wines (PDF)
Y. Chiffoleau, J.-P. Laporte and J.-M. Touzard

Past and Future Impacts of Climate Change on Wine Quality (PDF)
Gregory V. Jones

Behind the Australian wine industry success: does environment matter? (PDF)
Rohan Jordan, Pietro Zidda and Larry Lockshin

Different brands for different occasions – drivers of consumer public and private choices (PDF)
Ulrich R. Orth

Financing vineyards acquisitions: a monitoring role for the bank? (PDF)
Julien Cadot and Jean-Pierre Couderc

Vertical Coordination Mechanism in a Cobweb Economy: A System Dynamics Model of the Champagne Industry (PDF)
Francis Declerck and L. Martin Cloutier

La prospective stratégique: application à la filière française Vignes-Vins
Patrick Aigrain and Hervé Hannin