4th International Wine Business & Marketing Conference

An emerging brand An emerging brand strategy in the Italian wine sector: towards an accessible luxury goods marketing – abstract (PDF)

Massimo Paoli and Simone Poledrini

Branding and the Cyprus wine industry (PDF)

Demetris Vrontis and Stanley J. Paliwoda

Generic Branding of New Zealand Wine: From Global Allocator to Global Marketing (PDF)

Roderick J. Brodie, Maureen Benson-Rea and Nick Lewis

Impact of brand identity on labelling: the case of regional branding (PDF)

François Durrieu

Positioning of wine regions: Old or New World branding models? – abstract (PDF)

Chris Easingwood

Rebranding a commodity-based wine region (PDF)

Hervé Remaud and Larry Lockshin

The appellative “Denominazione geografica” in the marketing of grappa from Trentino (PDF)

Italo Trevisan

The Aussie value innovation: how Australia escaped the Red Queen of the global wine business – abstract (PDF)

Costanza Nosi

The role of denomination of origins in the competition of the wine sector – abstract (PDF)

Monica Fait and Antonio Iazzi

A model of adaptive relationship between the entrepreneur and the bank: the case of French vineyards entrepreneurs – abstract (PDF)

Cadot Julien and Couderc Jean-Pierre

A typology of small producers in the Champagne industry (PDF)

Steve Charters and David Menival

“Cantine Giorgio Lungarotti”: tradition, innovation and territorial embeddedness – abstract (PDF)

Luca Ferrucci, Massimo Paoli, Antonio Picciotti and Marina Gigliotti

Impact of HR practices on winery performance: comparison of the U.S. & Australian small family wineries – extended abstract (PDF)

Liz Thach and Roland E. Kidwell

Long lasting wineries: managing family business and succession in Tuscany region (PDF)

Lorenzo Zanni, Stefano Cordero di Montezemolo and Luca Devigili

Regional Business Systems in the Wine Industry and the example of Burgundy (PDF)

Joëlle Brouard and Jean-Guillaume Ditter

Strategic Marketing Changes over Time & Generations (PDF)

Jan Bodin

Buying decision with French wine: how important is the type of stopper? A comparison between French and French-speaking Swiss consumers (PDF)

Benoît Lecat

Directing consumer price expectation through package design – extended abstract (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth and Keven Malkewitz

How important is wine packaging for consumers? On the reliability of measuring attribute importance with direct verbal versus indirect visual methods (PDF)

Simone Mueller and Larry Lockshin

Message on a Bottle: Colours and Shapes in Wine Labels (PDF)

Luiz de Mello and Ricardo Pires Gonçalves de Borobia

Stimulating sales of higher-priced wines through decoys: a design based perspective – extended abstract (PDF)

Isabel Lupold and Ulrich R. Orth

Wine Label Attractiveness Perceptions by US and Australian Wine Consumers: A Case Study (PDF)

Marianne McGarry Wolf

A Review of the Development of Wine Tourism in Chile (PDF)

Martin H. Kunc

Brand Experience Impact on the new Service Performance: a Study on Portuguese Wine and Tourism Sector (PDF)

Elisabete Magalhães Serra and J. M. Carvalho Vieira

Imagery of wine tourists and self-congruity – abstract (PDF)

Marlene A. Pratt

The perceived importance of the features of wine regions and wineries for tourists in wine regions (PDF)

Livnat Ben-Nun and Eli Cohen

Wine promotion through tourism: understanding tourist motivation (PDF)

Magda Antonioli and Cristina Mottironi

Wine tourism and enhanced value: a comparison between Italian successful destinations (PDF)

Amedeo Maizza and Pierfelice Rosato

E-wine criticism and resources: a comparative analysis (PDF)

Paola Scorrano

Relevant attributes for wine selling on the web: comparative analysis between two market segments – abstract (PDF)

Esther Subirà Lobera, Agustí Casas Romeo, Rubén Huertas Garcia and Armand Gilinsky

Segmenting online customers based on electronic service quality dimensions: an application to wine websites (PDF)

Grégory Bressolles and François Durrieu

Stopping rules in information search applied in web site by wine purchasers (PDF)

François Durrieu and Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva

The internet marketing strategy of French wine producers from Languedoc-Roussillon region (PDF)

Franck Duquesnois and Călin Gurău

Wine and web marketing strategies: the case study of Italian specialty wineries (PDF)

Diego Begalli, Stefano Codurri and Davide Gaeta

A cross-cultural comparison of choice criteria for wine in restaurants (PDF)

Eli Cohen, Francois d’Hauteville, Steve Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Lucie Sirieix

Purchasing drivers of professional wine buyers: the role of denominations of origin in the buying decision of Italian upscale restaurants (PDF)

Vincenzo Zampi, Monica Faraoni and Eliseo di Folco

Purchasing wine as a gift; influencing factors and preferences: an empirical qualitative approach (PDF)

Isabella Hatak and Albert Stöckl

Sensing or knowing? Investigating the influence of knowledge and self-confidence on consumer beliefs regarding the effect of extrinsic cues of wine quality (PDF)

Roberta Veale

The influence of verbal and non-verbal information on the consumer decision – analysis using the example of white wine (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki, Dieter Hoffmann and Roland Herrmann

Wine on the Spot: Product Knowledge and Purchase-Venue Choice – extended abstract (PDF)

Dale F. Duham, James B. Wilcox, Natalia Kolyesnikova, Tim H. Dodd and Debra A. Laverie

An assessment of wine knowledge amongst global consumers – extended abstract (PDF)

Sharon Forbes, David Cohen and David Dean

Consumer Preferences of Wine in Italy Applying Best:Worst Scaling (PDF)

Leonardo Casini, Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin, Eli Cohen and Steve Goodman

Measuring Acceptability of a New Product Through Consumers’ Prolonged Exposure: The Case of Low-Alcohol Wine – abstract (PDF)

Josselin Masson, Philippe Aurier and François D’Hauteville

Identifying the characteristics and behavior of advocate segments in new wine regions – extended abstract (PDF)

Natalia Kolyesnikova, Tim H. Dodd and Dale F. Duham

Italian red premium wine demand: an almost ideal demand system using scanner data – abstract (PDF)

Antonio Stasi, Antonio Seccia, Biagia De Devitis and Vittoria Pilone

Lessons from Italian youngsters: how to deal with wine complexity by marketing management (PDF)

Alberto Mattiacci, Federica Ceccotti and Costanza Nosi

Typical wine choice and consumption in Apulia (PDF)

Salvatore Romanazzi, Luca Petruzzellis and Vito Tassiello

Can German wine cooperatives compete on quality (PDF)

Günter Schamel

Champagne cooperative wineries: typology and determinants of performance – abstract (PDF)

Francis Declerck

Collective Networks and Communities of Practice: The transformation of the Priorat Wine Region (PDF)

Elena Bou, Alfons Sauquet and Rosella Canestrino

Intangible effort and performance: the case of the French wine industry (PDF)

Paul Amadieu and Jean-Laurent Viviani

The dissemination of information among supply chain partners: A New Zealand wine industry perspective – extended abstract (PDF)

David Cohen, Sharon Forbes and Michael Clements

The trade fair as temporary cluster: a relational platform and knowledge filter for firms. First results of an exploratory study. (PDF)

Fiorenza Belussi, Silvia R. Sedita and Marcia Omizzolo

University involvement in wine region development: A comparative case study between Universidad de Talca (Chile) and Universidad de Cuyo (Argentina) (PDF)

Martin Kunc and Scott Tiffin

A simultaneous estimation of reputations’ interactions in the case of Washington State Wines – abstract (PDF)

Florine Livat and Amy L. Mumma

Desperately seeking serendipity: exploring the impact of country location on innovation in the wine industry (PDF)

Armand Gilinsky, Cristina Santini, Luciana Lazzeretti and Robert Eyler

From the Land of Kansas: A Case Study of an Emergent Wine Region (PDF)

Matthew Cole, Susie Pryor, Taylor Thompson and Amanda Walter

Pride and Prejudice: marketing myopia in Italian Wineries. Can managers be educated to market orientation? – extended abstract (PDF)

Alessio Cavicchi, Santini Cristina and Lucia Bailetti

Strategic Operations in the Bordeaux-Aquitaine wine sector (PDF)

Jacques-Olivier Pesme, Marie-Claude Bélis-Bergouignan and Nathalie Corade

The analysis of the Sicilian wine sector. The bottling companies, the volumes of manufactured products, the turnovers, the locations – abstract (PDF)

Torcivia Sebastiano

When the growth is driven by technological transfer: different organizational search path in the Italian wine industry (PDF)

Marco Visentin

An Analysis of the Wine Industry in China and Recommendations for Exporters – abstract (PDF)

Richard M. Castaldi, Mahmood Hussain and Sen Mike Wang

Financial approach to export performance in French wine SMES (PDF)

Carole Maurel

Internationalization of Italian wine firms: An exploratory research (PDF)

Cristina Mele and Tiziana Russo Spena

New challenges and opportunities for Italian exports of table wines and high quality wines – abstract (PDF)

Domenico Carlucci, Giuseppe De Blasi, Fabio G. Santeramo and Antonio Seccia

St Helena wine estate (1978-2008) – a longitudinal case study of medium sized Canterbury (NZ) export winery (PDF)

Rupert Tipples

The Internationalization of Wine Businesses: Exploitation of Social Capital (PDF)

Tina Muecke

Developing a Method for Consumers to Conceptualise Terroir – abstract (PDF)

Damien Wilson and Frédérique Jourjon

Is there more information in Best Worst choice data? Using the variance-covariance matrix to consider consumer heterogeneity (PDF)

Simone Mueller, Cam Rungie, Steve Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Eli Cohen

New leverages in customer/place oriented wine branding strategies. The case of wine architecture in experimental approaches to wine marketing (PDF)

Elisabetta Virtuani and Antonella Zucchella

Some evidence and discussion on the validity of using intrinsic sensory cues in stated choice experiments (PDF)

Thomas Egan, Wade Jarvis, Mark Gibberd and Hannah Williams

The Potential Use of Weather Derivatives to Hedge Vineyard Harvest Rainfall Risk – extended abstract (PDF)

Don Cyr, Martin Kusy and Anthony B.Shaw

The relationship between wine liking, subjective and objective wine knowledge: Does it matter who is in your ‘consumer’ sample? (PDF)

Simone Mueller, Leigh Francis and Larry Lockshin

Wine as fashion: can fashion theory inform wine business research? – abstract (PDF)

Richard D. Mitchell and Clare Nicholls

An Exploratory Study into Wine Drinking in Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs in the United States (PDF)

Janeen Olsen

Channel choice behavior for different usage situations: the case of the wine product category (PDF)

Pietro Zidda, Larry Lockshin and Stephanie van der Haert

Direct to consumer sales in small wineries: a case study of tasting room and wine club sales (PDF)

Gary Zucca

Postponement Practices in the Wine Industry: A Cross Country Comparison of Adaptation and Attitudes (PDF)

Susan Cholette, Christine Mauracher and Maurizio Canavari

Tasting room experience, personality, and consumer emotional attachment to brands – extended abstract (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth

The Culture of Wine Buying in the UK Off-Trade (PDF)

Caroline Ritchie

International Comparison of Consumer Choice for Wine: A Twelve Country Comparison (PDF)

S. Goodman, L. Lockshin, E. Cohen, J. Fensterseifer, H. Ma, F. d’Hauteville, L. Sirieix, U. Orth, L. Casini, A. Corsi, S. Jaeger, P. Danaher, R. Brodie, J Olsen, L Thach and J.-P. Perrouty

Advertisements for German Wine: A semiotic approach to the symbolic meaning of wine consumption (PDF)

René C. G. Arnold

Do Australian wine consumers value organic wine? (PDF)

Hervé Remaud, Simone Mueller, Phoebe Chvyl and Larry Lockshin

How and why do wine consumers increase their product involvement? – abstract (PDF)

Damien Wilson and Steve Charters

Perception and Consumption of Wine among Indian Youth – abstract (PDF)

Bhushan D. Sudhakar and Nadar Kumaran

The impact of wine attributes on consumer loyalty of Italian consumers (PDF)

Leonardo Casini, Armando Maria Corsi and Cam Rungie

The Influence of Taste Sensitivity and Adventurousness of Generation Y’s Liking Scores for Sparkling Wine (PDF)

Gary J. Pickering and Carman W. Cullen

Wine consumption practices and meanings as depicted in Italian TV fiction (PDF)

Simona Romani and Giacomo Gistri