2nd Annual International Wine Marketing Symposium (2005)

Sonoma, California, USA

  • Accessing Consumer Memory For Wine Marketing Research (PDF)
    Damien Wilson, Larry Lockshin and Cam Rungie

  • Adaptation of Wine Innovation (PDF)
    Thomas Atkin, Rosanna Garcia and Larry Lockshin

  • Analyzing the US retail wine market using price and consumer segmentation models (PDF)
    Susan Cholette and Richard M. Castaldi

  • Best-Worst Scaling: a simple method to determine drinks and wine style preferences (PDF)
    Steven Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Eli Cohen

  • A comparison of Australian and Canadian wine buyers using discrete choice analysis (PDF)
    Larry Lockshin and Lulie Halstead

  • Consumer behavior in 3-dimensional virtual wine stores (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth and Ronald A. Metoyer

  • Creating and managing regional umbrella brands: a comprehensive quantitative approach (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth

  • Critical factors for the internationalization of the Chilean wineries: theory and evidence (PDF)
    Francisca Silva T Pontificia

  • Developing a measurement instrument to evaluate the e-marketing efforts of small wineries (PDF)
    Jessica (Jingxue) Yuan, Tim H. Dodd and Natalia Kolyesnikova

  • Does the wine industry sell lemons? the adverse selection problem applied to wine branding (PDF)
    Robert Eyler

  • E-Business readiness of wine producers in Romagna (Italy): the importance of area of origin effects (PDF)
    Maurizio Canavari, Alessandro Farneti, Marco Lucchi and Martyn Warren

  • Export supply of US wines – its future (PDF)
    Carlos A. Benito

  • Factors contributing to rapid internationalisation of Australian wineries: an exploratory study (PDF)
    Rumintha Wickramasekera and Robert O’Donovan

  • Financial strategies of multinational firms in the world wine industry: an assessment (PDF)
    Alfredo Manuel Coelho and Jean-Louis Rastoin

  • Geographical indications, local reputations and consumer behaviour: the case of Italian wines (PDF)
    Felice Adinolfi, Marcello De Rosa and Ferruccio Trabalzi

  • Global trends and branding of New Zealand wine (PDF)
    Roderick J. Brodie, James Whittome, Maureen Benson-Rea and Nick Lewis

  • How the increasing competition is reshaping Tuscan wineries: the cases of Chianti Classico and Brunello Di Montalcino (PDF)
    Alberto Mattiacci, Costanza Nosi and Lorenzo Zanni

  • Impact of the certification process reliability on producers and consumers of wine (PDF)
    Jean-Laurent Viviani

  • Importance of region of origin, price and price discounts in purchase intentions for white wine: a comparison of involvement-based consumer segments (PDF)
    Linda Hollebeek, Roderick J. Brodie and Sara .R. Jaeger

  • Increasing wine sales in casual restaurants (PDF)
    Ben Dewald and Margie Jones

  • The influence of wine attributes on region of origin equity: an analysis of the moderating effect of consumer’s perceived expertise (PDF)
    Jean-Philippe Perrouty, François d’Hauteville and Larry Lockshin

  • Innovative wine packaging (PDF)
    Thomas Atkin, Rosanna Garcia and Larry Lockshin

  • Integrating the wine supply chain – abstract (PDF)
    François d’Hauteville and Jean Philippe Perrouty

  • Issues concerning the generic promotion of wine (PDF)
    Luis Miguel Albisu, Tony Spawton and Kirby Moulton

  • Learning to do business in a responsible way: a decade of change in the South African wine industry – abstract (PDF)
    Joachim Ewert

  • Market and promotion of Sicilian Wines (PDF)
    Vera Teresa Foti and Giuseppe Timpanaro

  • Marketing features of small winery websites: best practices of early internet adopting Australian wineries (PDF)
    Liz Thach and Janeen Olsen

  • Market orientation in the wine industry in South Italy (PDF)
    E. Pomarici, Coppola, C. Mele and S. Raia

  • Matchmakers in wine marketing channels: the case of French wine brokers (PDF)
    Virginie Baritaux, Magali Aubert, Etienne Montaigne and Hervé Remaud

  • Motivations of young people for visiting wine festivals – abstract (PDF)
    Tim H. Dodd, Jessica (Jingxue) Yuan, Charlie Adams and Natalia Kolyesnikova

  • Nature and problems of French wine clusters (PDF)
    Jacques Calvet

  • Network governance in marketing channels: an application to the French AOC wine industry (PDF)
    Nathalie Guibert

  • Wine business practices: a new vs old wine world perspective (PDF)
    Hervé Remaud, André Beaujanot Q and Jean-Pierre Couderc

  • Regional identifies and consumer behaviour: the case of typical Italian wine – abstract (PDF)
    Felice Adinolfi, Marcello De Rosa and Ferruccio Trabalzi

  • Relationship building with key overseas distributor: a wine industry study (PDF)
    Andre Beaujanot Q., Herve Remaud and Larry Lockshin

  • Revealed preference analysis of wine attributes using polarisation (PDF)
    Wade Jarvis, Cam Rungie and Larry Lockshin

  • An empirical analysis of online auctions for Bordeaux wine (PDF)
    G. Schamel

  • Geography vs. brands in a global wine market (PDF)
    G. Schamel

  • Similarities and differences between purchasers’ and non-purchasers’ of wine at the visitor centre (PDF)
    Wade Jarvis and Larry Lockshin

  • Spanish wine consumer behavior: a choice experiment analysis – abstract (PDF)
    Nadhem Mtimet and Luis Miguel Albisu

  • Strategic marketing plan for Calatayud destination of origin of Spain – abstract (PDF)
    Gustavo Fabra and Luis Miguel Albisu

  • Supply chain management the key future market success (PDF)
    Tony Spawton

  • The boutique winery phenomenon: Argentina and California compared – abstract (PDF)
    Steve Stein and Gary Zucca

  • The buying experience and impact of expertise: an exploratory approach (PDF)
    François Durrieu

  • The role of tasting rooms in creating an emotional attachment to wine brands – abstract (PDF)
    Janeen Olsen and Liz Thach

  • Toward a cross-national segmentation of wine market for Britain and France – abstract (PDF)
    Jérôme Villaret and Nathalie Guibert

  • UK wine producers and their attitude to wine tourism – abstract (PDF)
    Michael Howley

  • Use of scanner data to analyze the table wine demand in the Italian major retailing trade (PDF)
    Francesco Torrisi and Chiara Seghieri

  • The value of identifying cohorts through retrospective panel data: preliminary findings from Australia (PDF)
    Damien Wilson, Larry Lockshin and Cam Rungie

  • Villa Maria Estate: The genie in the bottle for New Zealand’s wine industry? – abstract (PDF)
    Armand Gilinsky and Stephen Bowden

  • Can weather derivatives be implemented to cover viticulture related-risks? (PDF)
    Laetitia Garcia

  • What a difference a sample makes! (PDF)
    Art Thomas and Gary Pickering

  • Wine and Territory: the oenological tourism in Tuscany – abstract (PDF)
    Veronica Alampi Sottini, Silvio Menghini and Gabriele Scozzafava

  • Wine case study: D. Carreau & Fils – abstract (PDF)
    Donald P. Robin and Richard P. Vine

  • Wine in Israel: Culture and Economic – abstract (PDF)
    Nava Haruvy, Amos Hadas and Sarit Shalhevet

  • The changing context of wine purchasing by consumers in New Zealand – abstract (PDF)
    David Cohen, Sharon Forbes and Charles Lamb

  • Wine tourism in Campania region (Italy): supply potential and demand expectations – abstract (PDF)
    A. Piscitelli, E. Pomarici and R. Tedesco

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic quality cues: The moderating effect of expertise on consumer judgements on the quality of wines (refereed) (PDF)
    François d’Hauteville Agro Montpellier and Jean Philippe Perrouty Agro Montpellier

  • Marketing to echo boomers (refereed) (PDF)
    Liz Thach and Janeen Olsen