8th Academy for Wine Business Research Conference in Geisenheim, Germany; June 28-30, 2014.

The 9th International Symposium of Oenology

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New articles added to the International Wine Marketing Database:

A number of new articles were added to the IWMD. Here is a list of some of the more important ones. For more information, visit the database. If you are not a subscriber, click the database tab on the left and subscribe today.

Environmental issues

  • Author: Cordano, Mark
    Title: How do small and medium enterprises go “green”? A study of environmental management programs in the U.S. wine industry
  • Author: Sirieix, Lucie
    Title: Consumer perceptions of eco-friendly vs. conventional wines in Australia
  • Author: Mueller, Simone
    Title: Are Australian wine consumers becoming more environmentally conscious? Robustness of latent preference segments over time
  • Author: Barber, Nelson
    Title: Wine consumers’ environmental knowledge and attitudes: influence on willingness to purchase
  • Author: Wright, Barry
    Title: Exploring the drivers of environmental behaviour in the world of wine : a policy oriented review

Social networking

  • Author: Westgaard, Katy
    Title: The use of social networking websites to develop a marketing plan for direct to consumer wine distribution targeted to the millennial wine consumer: a case study
  • Author: Thach, Liz
    Title: Wine blogs: expressing diverse wine opinions in a new realm of online wine relationship marketing

Wine Tourism

  • Author: Pratt, Marlene
    Title: Moderating effects of wine involvement in wine tourism


  • Author: Mueller, Simone
    Title: Wine packaging and labelling – do they impact market price? A hedonic price analysis of US scanner data

Consumer Behaviour

  • Author: Amspacher, William H.
    Title: The world’s wine markets by 2030: top suppliers and consumers
  • Author: Teagle, Joanne
    Title: How do millennials’ wine attitudes and behaviour differ from other generations?
  • Author: Lockshin, L.
    Title: The influence of shelf information on consumers’ wine choice
  • Author: Kolyesnikova, Natalia
    Title: The influence of product knowledge on purchase venue choice: does knowing more lead from bricks to clicks?

New IJWBR Abstracts

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