8th International Conference of the AWBR

Conference Proceedings (PDF)

The German Wine Market (PDF)

Dieter Hoffmann

A Theoretical Framework to Measure the Success of M&A Activities Among German Winegrowers’ Cooperatives (PDF)

Bettina Merlin

Full cost analysis for the creation of managerial benchmarks in the wine sector: a case study in Tuscany (PDF)

Enrico Marone, Marco Bertocci, Nicola Marinelli, Fabio Boncinelli

Winery reputation – Do German guides provide orientation on wineries and is engagement and investment attractive for wineries? (PDF)

Marc Dressler, Anika Kost

International Analysis of the Profitability of Wine Grape Production (PDF)

Kathrin Strohm, Walter Dirksmeyer, Hildegard Garming

How to deal with quality problems of German wine cooperatives (PDF)

Jon H. Hanf, Maximilian Iselborn

How successful are German wine enterprises? – A value added & business profit based analysis – (PDF)

Maximilian Iselborn, Matthias Mend

A Strategic Approach to the Analysis of Global Wine Industry Positioning (PDF)

Geoffrey Lewis, Tatiana Zalan, Matthew Schebella

Implications of strong resource capabilities in a family wine business (PDF)

Paul Woodfield

Vine planting rights, farm size and economic performance: do economies of scale matter in the French viticulture sector? (PDF)

Bernard Delord, Alfredo Coelho, Étienne Montaigne

New Techniologies & Unefficiency In Winemaking (PDF)

Mark Strobl

Under the Bench Cellars (PDF)

Herbert (Herb) F. MacKenzie, Carman W. Cullen, Adrianne Kolich, Michael Marini

The Impact of Knowledge Acquisition on the Earliness of Innovation Adoption: A Case Study of German Grape Producers (PDF)

Patrick Staub

Can wine tourism remedy poor wine marketing? The case of Beaujolais (PDF)

Laurence Cogan-Marie, Steve Charters

An exploratory research on the jurisprudence related to PDO wine specifications (PDF)

Elsa Gatelier, Clémence Georgelin

Store image perception of retail outlets for wine in China (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Justin Cohen, Larry Lockshin

Chinese consumer’s perception of the image of German wines: Opportunities and challenges of a less-known country of origin (PDF)

Lishi Zeng, Gergely Szolnoki

Perception of wine labels by Hong Kong Chinese consumers (PDF)

Vicky Chi Man Tang, Eli Cohen

Wine consumption in China: Cultural globalization with Regional Differences (PDF)

David Menival, Huai Yuan Han

Testing lexical equivalences for Chinese consumers: Do hawthorns taste like blackberries? (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Justin Cohen, Larry Lockshin

Tell me why you like to drink wine: Drinking motivations as a basis for market Segmentation (PDF)

David Palma, Carlos Cornejo, Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Luis I. Rizzi, Gerard Casaubon

Objective and Subjective Wine Knowledge: Evidence from an Online Study (PDF)

Karen Robson, Kirk Plangger, Colin Campbell, Leyland Pitt

Lessons Learned From an International Research Project on Wine Consumption (PDF)

Dávid Harsányi, Gergely Szolnoki

Understanding the wine consumption behaviour of Generation Y in Italy (PDF)

Roberta Capitello, Lara Agnoli, Diego Begalli

“In Vino Veritas”—But What, In Truth, Is In the Bottle? Experience Goods, Fine Wine Ratings, and Wine Knowledge (PDF)

Denton Marks

Effects of search attributes on price variability: empirical evidence for wines from Puglia region (PDF)

Antonio Seccia, Domenico Carlucci, Giuseppe Maggi, Gianluca Nardone

Regulating Alcohol Marketing practices in France and UK (PDF)

Tom Farrell, Benoît Lecat

Influence of Price and Decision Style on Wine Quality Judgment and Purchase Intentions (PDF)

Guenter Schamel, Michael Bosnjak

What wineries do … Is it what customers want? Relationship Marketing in the German Wine industry (PDF)

Edith Rueger-Muck, Anne Lena Wegmann, Philipp Piroth

The Challenge of Cohesive Brand Positioning: Convergence of Innovative, Modern, Traditional, and/or Classic (PDF)

Daniel J. Flint, Paola Signori, Susan L. Golicic

Exploring Attributes of Variety Seeking Wine Consumers in the US (PDF)

Janeen Olsen, Tom Atkin, Liz Thach, Steve Cuellar

Yes Way, Rosé! Cross-Cultural Comparison of Consumer Preferences, Perceptions and Attitudes towards Rosé Wine (PDF)

Natalia Velikova, Steve Charters, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Joanna Fountain, Caroline Ritchie, Tim Dodd

Business Operations of Wine‐Specialized On‐Trade SMEs: The Case of South Korea (PDF)

Jeeah Hwang, Martin Kunc

What is the concept of terroir? PART 1: Discussion with Bernard van Berg, a wine-grower in Meursault: A case study on “the most simply wine” (PDF)

David Ballantyne, Claude Chapuis, Benoît Lecat, Nic S. Terblanche

Anything but Typical: How Consumers Evaluate Origin Products Based on Their Cues (PDF)

Nathalie Spielmann

Terroir and wine differentiation. A cross-case analysis on French and Italian wine producers’ perceptions (PDF)

Angelo Riviezzo, Antonella Garofano, Julien Granata, Samaneh Kakavand

The concept of terroir: The elusive cultural elements as defined by the Central Otago Wine Region (PDF)

Susan Caple, Maree Thyne

Evolution of the Branding of New Zealand Wine: From Country Image to Collective Industry and Market Meaning (PDF)

Roderick J. Brodie, Maureen Benson-Rea

Experiencing a Place and Appreciating its Wine: How Does Attitude Toward Place transfer to its Products? (PDF)

Albert Stöckl, Andreas B. Eisingerich, Omar Merlo

Handle “Country of Origin Effect” with Care: Lessons for Researchers and Managers (PDF)

Kenneth R. Deans, Carlos Rodriguez, Christian Felzensztein

How Do Signals Shape Wine Shoppers Value Perception? (PDF)

Barry J. Babin, Nina Krey

Skills Desired by Recruiters for Graduates from Food, Agriculture and Wine Fields of Study (PDF)

Marianne McGarry Wolf, Mitch Wolf, Eivis Qenani

Optimising the impact of wine education on Asian international students (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Justin Cohen, Larry Lockshin

Wine Business Education in a Networked World (PDF)

Tatiana Zalan, Geoffrey Lewis

Exploring self-reported wine reviews as a means to measure the effectiveness of wine education? (PDF)

Colin Campbell, Justin Cohen, Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin, Anna Chen

Where in the World are Various Winegrape Varieties Grown? Evidence from a New Database (PDF)

Kym Anderson, Nanda Aryal

Niche Strategy and Resources: dilemmas and open questions, an exploratory study (PDF)

Cristina Santini, Alessio Cavicchi, Armand Gilinsky, Sandra Newton, Samuel Rabino

Putting a Face to the Brand: How Wishful Seeing Enhances Brand Liking (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth, Jana Ohlhoff, Christiane Naber, T. Bettina Cornwell

Love at second sight: Temporal effects of design typicality on brand liking (PDF)

Nadine Karnal, Mareike Wendt, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, T. Bettina Cornwell, Ulrich R. Orth

The mere presence of a photo on a product label can change taste perception (PDF)

Antonia Mantonakis, Brittany Cardwell, Randi Beckett, Eryn Newman, Maryanne Garry

The impact of meal experiences and packaging on wine choices (PDF)

François Durrieu

To Cork or Not To Cork: Wine Consumption Situations and the Appropriateness of Bottle Closures (PDF)

Dale Duhan, Shannon Rinaldo, Natalia Velikova, Tim Dodd, Brent Trela

Institutional Pressures and Relationships in the Wine Supply Chain (PDF)

Susan L. Golicic, Donna F. Davis, Beth Davis-Sramek, Teresa M. McCarthy-Byrne

Does Choice Overload Exist in Wine Retail? (PDF)

Douglas Zucker, Hervé Remaud

Creating the Ideal Purchasing Environment for Consumers: Specialist Wine Retail Outlets in the UK. (PDF)

Katherine Canfield, Damien Wilson

Multifunctional diversification for the Italian wine producers: the state of the art in the adoption of deepening strategies (PDF)

Silvio Menghini, Veronica Alampi Sottini, Nicola Marinelli, Benedetta Merlo, Sara Fabbrizzi

Supply Chain Analysis of the German Bulk Wine Market (PDF)

Marianne Steinschulte

U.S. Wineries Use Social Media to Engage Consumers, Improve Brand Image and Increase Revenue (PDF)

Marianne McGarry Wolf, Mitch Wolf

Exploring German Winery Adoption of Web 2.0 Components: What impact does the size of a winery have on the use of social media and consumer engagement? (PDF)

Dani Kolb, Liz Thach

A cross-cultural comparison of social media usage in the wine Business (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki, Dimitri Taits, Carsten Hoffmann, Ruth Ludwig, Liz Thach, Rebecca Dolan, Steve Goodman, Cullen Habel, Sharon Forbes, Nicola Marinelli, Damien Wilson, Antonia Mantonakis, Philip Zawada, Zoltan Szabo, Ildiko Csak, Caroline Ritchie, Su Birch, Siobhan Thompson

Click, Ship, Sip: Who is the Online Wine Buyer? (PDF)

Lindsey M. Higgins, Marianne McGarry Wolf, Rachel Bitter, William Amspacher

Influences of M-commerce and Social Media on Wine Purchases: A Multi-Cultural Study (PDF)

Jean-Éric Pelet, Benoît Lecat, Jashim Khan, Linda W. Lee, Debbie Vigar-Ellis, Marianne MC Garry Wolf, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Niki Kavoura, Vicky Katsoni, Anne Lena Wegmann

Exploring the Impact of Social Media Practices on Wine Sales in U.S. Wineries (PDF)

Liz Thach, Terry Lease

Reputation Management on the Internet: Content and Impact of Oregon Wineries’ Websites and Facebook Pages (PDF)

Sharon L. Wagner, Lisa M. Weidman

Motives to adopt a social media communication strategy: the case of Bordeaux wine estates and merchants (PDF)

Patrice Malka, Hervé Remaud, Florine Livat

Sustainable Balanced Scorecard Model for Chilean Wineries (PDF)

Lionel Valenzuela Oyaneder, Sergio Maturana Valderrama

Who is buying sustainable wine? A lifestyle segmentation of German wine consumers (PDF)

Bastian Klohr, Ruth Fleuchaus, Ludwig Theuvsen

Extrinsic wine attributes importance on Canadian consumers purchase decisions for environmentally sustainable wines (PDF)

Paulo Lopes, Richard Sagala, Tim Dodd

A Sustainable Response to the Requirements of the Aware Consumer: The Case of the New Drought-Resistant Rootstocks (PDF)

Luigino Barisan, Vasco Boatto, Edoardo A. C. Costantini, Luigi Galletto, Romina Lorenzetti, Eugenio Pomarici, Riccardo Vecchio

Environmental Impacts of Wine Production: A Pilot Study Exploring Consumer Knowledge and Environmental Concern (PDF)

Michaela Nuebling, Carl Behnke, Rhonda Hammond

The Impact of Eco-Friendly Attributes on Bordeaux Wine Tourism and Direct to Consumer Sales (PDF)

Wendy Holohan, Hervé Remaud

Perceived Efficacy of Sustainability Strategies in the U.S., Italian, and Spanish Wine Industries: A Comparative Study (PDF)

Armand Gilinsky, Sandra K. Newton, Thomas Atkin, Cristina Santini, Alessio Cavicchi, Agusti Casas Romeo, Ruben Huertas

The Role of Event Marketing in Case of the Buda Castle Wine Festival (PDF)

Zoltán Szabó, Anikó Komáromi-Gergely, Zsuzsanna Széles

Customer Engagement: A comparison between Australian and French Wine Events (PDF)

Teagan Altschwager, Jodie Conduit, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Steve Goodman

Major Attributes of Tourism Attractiveness of Wineries and Their Influence on Direct Sales (PDF)

Juliane Ratz, Axel Dreyer

“A Presentation of the Primary Research on Visitation to Wine Festivals and Wineries in British Columbia” (PDF)

Blair Baldwin

Quality Improvements and International Positioning of Chilean and Argentine Wines (PDF)

Fulvia Farinelli

Four wine tourist profiles (PDF)

Marlene Pratt

Analysing wine tourists in the Rheingau region – a case study (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki, Solvig Noack, Maximilian Tafel

Who’s here? An exploratory study of the characteristics and wine consumption behaviours of visitors at a New Zealand wine Festival (PDF)

Joanna Fountain

Wine Tasting a la Vending Machine: The case of Max Bordeaux (PDF)

Kirk Plangger, Karen Robson, Leyland Pitt, Colin Campbell

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