5th International Conference of the AWBR

Diversity and convergence in regional know‐how: the case of Central Otago Pinot Noir (PDF)

Sue Caple, David Ballantyne and Maree Thyne

Is Bordeaux wine an alternative financial asset? (PDF)

Jean‐Marie Cardebat and Jean‐Marc Figuet

The winery as an experiential stimulation: Differences between passage and proximity tourism (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine‐Chameeva and François Durrieu

The Japanese “drink of the Gods”: economic and managerial challenges of sake production in the recent decades (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine‐Chameeva and Mari Ninomiya

Chapuis-The amazing travels of Burgundy WIP (PDF)

Claude Chapuis


Marketing terroir: A conceptual approach (PDF)

Stephen Charters

Marketing perspectives within the Western Australian wine industry (PDF)

Stephen Charters, Marilyn Clark‐Murphy, Alan Brown and Elizabeth Walker

The impact of the geographical reputation on the value created by small producers in Champagne (PDF)

Stephen Charters and David Menival

How do the relationships between variables impact behavioural loyalty? The Qualitative Multinomial Distribution (QMD) applied to wine consumption (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Leonardo Casinia and Cam Rungie

How does item order and other information impact wine menu choice? (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Simone Mueller, Larry Lockshin

How consumers from the Old World and New World evaluate traditional and new wine attributes (PDF)

Tiziana de Magistris, Etienne Groot, Azucena Gracia and Luis Miguel Albisu

Moving to multichannel strategy and increasing gross margins: Case study of the Domaine de Mongette and lecturing guidelines (PDF)

François d’Hauteville

Promise and reality: Is grape variety a credible quality indicator for French wines? (PDF)

François d’Hauteville

An institutional approach to French wine strategies: The Cahors case (PDF)

Jean‐Guillaume Ditter, Joëlle Brouard and Maureen Benson‐Rea

A matter of taste: Consumer preferences of sweet and dry wines (PDF)

Tim H. Dodd, Natalia Kolyesnikova and James B. Wilcox

Wine cluster strategic resources, firm value creation and competitive advantage (PDF)

Jaime E. Fensterseifer and Jean‐Louis Rastoin

Women and wine: Analysis of this important market segment (PDF)

Sharon L. Forbes, David A. Cohen and David Dean

‘It’s a happy drink’: Australasian Generation Y’s experiences and perception of sparkling wine (PDF)

Joanna Fountain and Nicola Fish

Exploring brand associations in wine purchases (PDF)

Kamal Ghose

Where to shop? The influence of store choice characteristics on retail market segmentation (PDF)

Steve Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Hervé Remaud

I heard it through the grapevine! Exploring drivers of participation in virtual communities (PDF)

Cullen Habel, Roberta Veale and Vinh Nat Lu

How to distinguish ‘brands’ and ‘generics’ among wines or could an origin be a brand? (PDF)

Dieter Hoffmann

Consumer engagement across differentially service‐oriented wine outlets: Moving beyond consumer involvement to predict loyalty (PDF)

Linda D. Hollebeek

Wine Price Function and its Variables: The Case of Bordeaux Wines (PDF)

L. Knecht, B. Lecat and M. Paulssen

Affective responses to direct mail messages: The effect of gratitude and obligation (PDF)

Natalia Kolyesnikova, Sara L. Sullivan Dodd and Coy Callison

Development of an objective knowledge scale: Preliminary results (PDF)

Natalia Kolyesnikova, James B. Wilcox, Tim H. Dodd, Debra A. Laverie and Dale F. Duhan

Building wine brand communities: A conceptual model (PDF)

Debra A. Laverie, Natalia Kolyesnikova, Tim H. Dodd and James B. Wilcox

How Does the Belgian Wine Industry Work? Case Study (PDF)

Lecat, Benoit

The influence of shelf information on consumers’ wine choice (PDF)

L. Lockshin, S. Mueller and J. Louviere

Export performance and financial constraint in French wine SMEs (PDF)

Carole Maurel and Jean‐Laurent Viviani

Alcohol and wine consumptions’ patterns over consumers’ lifetimes (PDF)

Lauro Melo

The greatest French AOCs: A signal of quality for the best graduated wines (PDF)

David Menival

Adding value through cooperation: A study of the New Zealand food and wine tourism network (PDF)

Richard Mitchell and Joanna van der Linden

The relative importance of extrinsic and intrinsic wine attributes: Combining discrete choice and informed sensory consumer testing (PDF)

S. Mueller, P. Osidacz , L. Francis and L. Lockshin

Are Australian wine consumers becoming more environmentally conscious? Robustness of latent preference segments over time (PDF)

Simone Mueller and Hervé Remaud

Wine packaging and labelling – do they impact market price? A hedonic price analysis of US scanner data (PDF)

Simone Mueller, Gergely Szolnoki

The Portuguese wine industry and Web 2.0: The Infovini project (PDF)

Henriqueta Nóvoa

Millennials’ perceptions to environmentally responsible winery practices: An exploratory study (PDF)

Linda Nowak, Sandra Newton and Armand Gilinsky

Consumer metacognitions: The ease, speed, and accuracy of inferring meaning from wine packages (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth, Kai‐Brit Bechtold and Yonca Limon

Designing wine retail interiors to elicit desirable consumer impressions (PDF)

Ulrich Orth, Frauke Heinrich and Yonca Limon

Bottle size and scarcity: A case on price of bottles in Champagne (PDF)

J. François Outreville

Price strategy for wine producers in Québec (PDF)

J. François Outreville

Effects of the wine bottle label on the perceived authenticity and buying intention on a retail website (PDF)

Jean-Eric Pelet

Moderating effects of wine involvement in wine tourism (PDF)

Marlene Pratt

What is normal wine buying price? An exploration of how image impact upon research data (PDF)

Caroline Ritchie

Horizontal networks and collaborative marketing in the Tasmanian wine industry (PDF)

Gemma Roach

Export intermediaries for small and medium wine growing estates: An investigation on prospects for Austrian wine growing estates (PDF)

Florian Ruhdorfer and Claudia Hienerth

Market power and price competition in Italian wine market (PDF)

Antonio Seccia, Antonio Stasi and Gianluca Nardone

Exploring wine list design strategy in French restaurants (PDF)

Lucie Sirieix and Hervé Remaud

Consumer perceptions of eco‐friendly vs. conventional wines in Australia (PDF)

Lucie Sirieix and Hervé Remaud

The importance of where and who in wine (PDF)

Nathalie Spielmann and Barry Babin

Expensive and colour intensive –are these the factors of success? A hedonic liking model using the example of red wine (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki0

How do millennials’ wine attitudes and behaviour differ from other generations? (PDF)

Joanne Teagle, Simone Mueller and Larry Lockshin

Wine blogs: Expressing diverse wine opinions in a new realm of online wine relationship marketing (PDF)

Liz Thach

How do Portuguese consumers select wine? Determinants of their buying decisions and consumption behaviours (PDF)

José Manuel Carvalho Vieira and Elisabete Magalhaes Serra

Tales of two travelers: A comparative analysis of winery and general tourists (PDF)

Richard Wade, Mark Holmes and Hersch Jacobs

Case study on the introduction of the screwcap to the Australian wine market (PDF)

Damien Wilson

Promoting wine by ‘terroir’ (PDF)

Damien Wilson and Frédérique Jourjon

Identifying the events that coincide with growth in wine involvement (PDF)

Damien Wilson and Guenter Schamel

Intergenerational entrepreneurship in family businesses: A wine industry perspective (PDF)

Paul J. Woodfield