5th International Conference of the AWBR (2010)

Auckland, New Zealand

  • Diversity and convergence in regional know‐how: the case of Central Otago Pinot Noir (PDF)
    Sue Caple, David Ballantyne and Maree Thyne

  • Is Bordeaux wine an alternative financial asset? (PDF)
    Jean‐Marie Cardebat and Jean‐Marc Figuet

  • The winery as an experiential stimulation: Differences between passage and proximity tourism (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine‐Chameeva and François Durrieu

  • The Japanese “drink of the Gods”: economic and managerial challenges of sake production in the recent decades (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine‐Chameeva and Mari Ninomiya

  • Chapuis-The amazing travels of Burgundy WIP (PDF)
    Claude Chapuis

  • Marketing terroir: A conceptual approach (PDF)
    Stephen Charters

  • Marketing perspectives within the Western Australian wine industry (PDF)
    Stephen Charters, Marilyn Clark‐Murphy, Alan Brown and Elizabeth Walker

  • The impact of the geographical reputation on the value created by small producers in Champagne (PDF)
    Stephen Charters and David Menival

  • How do the relationships between variables impact behavioural loyalty? The Qualitative Multinomial Distribution (QMD) applied to wine consumption (PDF)
    Armando Maria Corsi, Leonardo Casinia and Cam Rungie

  • How does item order and other information impact wine menu choice? (PDF)
    Armando Maria Corsi, Simone Mueller, Larry Lockshin

  • How consumers from the Old World and New World evaluate traditional and new wine attributes (PDF)
    Tiziana de Magistris, Etienne Groot, Azucena Gracia and Luis Miguel Albisu

  • Moving to multichannel strategy and increasing gross margins: Case study of the Domaine de Mongette and lecturing guidelines (PDF)
    François d’Hauteville

  • Promise and reality: Is grape variety a credible quality indicator for French wines? (PDF)
    François d’Hauteville

  • An institutional approach to French wine strategies: The Cahors case (PDF)
    Jean‐Guillaume Ditter, Joëlle Brouard and Maureen Benson‐Rea

  • A matter of taste: Consumer preferences of sweet and dry wines (PDF)
    Tim H. Dodd, Natalia Kolyesnikova and James B. Wilcox

  • Wine cluster strategic resources, firm value creation and competitive advantage (PDF)
    Jaime E. Fensterseifer and Jean‐Louis Rastoin

  • Women and wine: Analysis of this important market segment (PDF)
    Sharon L. Forbes, David A. Cohen and David Dean

  • ‘It’s a happy drink’: Australasian Generation Y’s experiences and perception of sparkling wine (PDF)
    Joanna Fountain and Nicola Fish

  • Exploring brand associations in wine purchases (PDF)
    Kamal Ghose

  • Where to shop? The influence of store choice characteristics on retail market segmentation (PDF)
    Steve Goodman, Larry Lockshin and Hervé Remaud

  • I heard it through the grapevine! Exploring drivers of participation in virtual communities (PDF)
    Cullen Habel, Roberta Veale and Vinh Nat Lu

  • How to distinguish ‘brands’ and ‘generics’ among wines or could an origin be a brand? (PDF)
    Dieter Hoffmann

  • Consumer engagement across differentially service‐oriented wine outlets: Moving beyond consumer involvement to predict loyalty (PDF)
    Linda D. Hollebeek

  • Wine Price Function and its Variables: The Case of Bordeaux Wines (PDF)
    L. Knecht, B. Lecat and M. Paulssen

  • Affective responses to direct mail messages: The effect of gratitude and obligation (PDF)
    Natalia Kolyesnikova, Sara L. Sullivan Dodd and Coy Callison

  • Development of an objective knowledge scale: Preliminary results (PDF)
    Natalia Kolyesnikova, James B. Wilcox, Tim H. Dodd, Debra A. Laverie and Dale F. Duhan

  • Building wine brand communities: A conceptual model (PDF)
    Debra A. Laverie, Natalia Kolyesnikova, Tim H. Dodd and James B. Wilcox

  • How Does the Belgian Wine Industry Work? Case Study (PDF)
    Lecat, Benoit

  • The influence of shelf information on consumers’ wine choice (PDF)
    L. Lockshin, S. Mueller and J. Louviere

  • Export performance and financial constraint in French wine SMEs (PDF)
    Carole Maurel and Jean‐Laurent Viviani

  • Alcohol and wine consumptions’ patterns over consumers’ lifetimes (PDF)
    Lauro Melo

  • The greatest French AOCs: A signal of quality for the best graduated wines (PDF)
    David Menival

  • Adding value through cooperation: A study of the New Zealand food and wine tourism network (PDF)
    Richard Mitchell and Joanna van der Linden

  • The relative importance of extrinsic and intrinsic wine attributes: Combining discrete choice and informed sensory consumer testing (PDF)
    S. Mueller, P. Osidacz , L. Francis and L. Lockshin

  • Are Australian wine consumers becoming more environmentally conscious? Robustness of latent preference segments over time (PDF)
    Simone Mueller and Hervé Remaud

  • Wine packaging and labelling – do they impact market price? A hedonic price analysis of US scanner data (PDF)
    Simone Mueller, Gergely Szolnoki

  • The Portuguese wine industry and Web 2.0: The Infovini project (PDF)
    Henriqueta Nóvoa

  • Millennials’ perceptions to environmentally responsible winery practices: An exploratory study (PDF)
    Linda Nowak, Sandra Newton and Armand Gilinsky

  • Consumer metacognitions: The ease, speed, and accuracy of inferring meaning from wine packages (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth, Kai‐Brit Bechtold and Yonca Limon

  • Designing wine retail interiors to elicit desirable consumer impressions (PDF)
    Ulrich Orth, Frauke Heinrich and Yonca Limon

  • Bottle size and scarcity: A case on price of bottles in Champagne (PDF)
    J. François Outreville

  • Price strategy for wine producers in Québec (PDF)
    J. François Outreville

  • Effects of the wine bottle label on the perceived authenticity and buying intention on a retail website (PDF)
    Jean-Eric Pelet

  • Moderating effects of wine involvement in wine tourism (PDF)
    Marlene Pratt

  • What is normal wine buying price? An exploration of how image impact upon research data (PDF)
    Caroline Ritchie

  • Horizontal networks and collaborative marketing in the Tasmanian wine industry (PDF)
    Gemma Roach

  • Export intermediaries for small and medium wine growing estates: An investigation on prospects for Austrian wine growing estates (PDF)
    Florian Ruhdorfer and Claudia Hienerth

  • Market power and price competition in Italian wine market (PDF)
    Antonio Seccia, Antonio Stasi and Gianluca Nardone

  • Exploring wine list design strategy in French restaurants (PDF)
    Lucie Sirieix and Hervé Remaud

  • Consumer perceptions of eco‐friendly vs. conventional wines in Australia (PDF)
    Lucie Sirieix and Hervé Remaud

  • The importance of where and who in wine (PDF)
    Nathalie Spielmann and Barry Babin

  • Expensive and colour intensive –are these the factors of success? A hedonic liking model using the example of red wine (PDF)
    Gergely Szolnoki

  • How do millennials’ wine attitudes and behaviour differ from other generations? (PDF)
    Joanne Teagle, Simone Mueller and Larry Lockshin

  • Wine blogs: Expressing diverse wine opinions in a new realm of online wine relationship marketing (PDF)
    Liz Thach

  • How do Portuguese consumers select wine? Determinants of their buying decisions and consumption behaviours (PDF)
    José Manuel Carvalho Vieira and Elisabete Magalhaes Serra

  • Tales of two travelers: A comparative analysis of winery and general tourists (PDF)
    Richard Wade, Mark Holmes and Hersch Jacobs

  • Case study on the introduction of the screwcap to the Australian wine market (PDF)
    Damien Wilson

  • Promoting wine by ‘terroir’ (PDF)
    Damien Wilson and Frédérique Jourjon

  • Identifying the events that coincide with growth in wine involvement (PDF)
    Damien Wilson and Guenter Schamel

  • Intergenerational entrepreneurship in family businesses: A wine industry perspective (PDF)
    Paul J. Woodfield