Colloquium in Wine Marketing

Customer service training in winery tasting rooms: perceptions of effectiveness by tasting room personnel (PDF)

Elizabeth C. Thach and Janeen E. Olsen

Within-the-line cannibalisation arising from price promotions: an examination using Australian beer brands (PDF)

John Dawes

Strategic dilemmas of a small market player: the Canadian wine industry (PDF)

Judith J. Madill, Allan L. Riding and George H. Haines, Jr.

Building icon wine brands: exploring the systemic nature of luxury wines (PDF)

Michael Beverland

The failure of a wine closure innovation: a strategic marketing analysis (PDF)

Wayne J. Mortensen and Brian K. Marks

The wine sector in France: a tentative economic system description (PDF)

Jean-Pierre Couderc and Hervé Remaud

Wine purchase behavior and personal value based consumer segmentation (PDF)

Agnes Hofmeister Tóth and Gedeon Totth

Why quality is no longer enough? Strategic marketing evolution in the wine industry (PDF)

Michael Beverland, Adam Lindgreen and Philip W. Bretherton

The Nk’Mip cellars: wine and wine tourism with indigenous flavour (PDF)

Robert B. Anderson, Scott McGillivray and Robert J. Giberson

The Pareto Effect (80:20 rule) in consumption of beer, wine and spirits: a preliminary discussion (PDF)

Cullen Habel, Cam Rungie, Larry Lockshin and Tony Spawton

Analysing wine behavioural loyalty (PDF)

Wade Jarvis, Cam Rungie and Larry Lockshin

The intrinsic dimensions of wine quality: an exploratory investigation (PDF)

Stephen Charters and Simone Pettigrew

A framework for the implementation of (internet) marketing by the wine business (PDF)

Steven Goodman

An exploration of the use of ‘extraordinary’ experiences in wine tourism (PDF)

Jane Ali-Knight and Jack Carlsen

The communications issues for producers of alternative closures in wine industry (PDF)

Damien Wilson and Larry Lockshin

Communicating on the sensory quality of wine: questions about sensory training and expertise (PDF)

François d’Hauteville

Using the Thiel Index Coefficient to analyse variation in wine consumption habits (PDF)

Damien Wilson and Larry Lockshin

Trade mark registration for wines in Australia (PDF)

James L. Omond

The mediating role of involvement and values on wine consumption frequency in France (PDF)

Francois d’Hauteville

Strategic issues facing the New Zealand wine industry in a global environment (PDF)

Maureen Benson-Rea, Roderick J. Brodie and Wayne Cartwright

The importance of market orientation in developing buyer-seller relationships in the export market: the link towards relationship marketing (PDF)

Andre Beaujanot Q. and Larry Lockshin

Consumer purchasing behaviour for wine: what we know and where we are going (PDF)

Larry Lockshin and John Hall