Colloquium in Wine Marketing (2003)

University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

  • Customer service training in winery tasting room: perceptions of effectiveness by tasting room personnel (PDF)
    Elizabeth C. Thach and Janeen E. Olsen

  • Within-the-line cannibalisation arising from price promotions: an examination using Australian beer brands (PDF)
    John Dawes

  • Strategic dilemmas of a small market player: the Canadian wine industry (PDF)
    Judith J. Madill, Allan L. Riding and George H. Haines, Jr.

  • Building icon wine brands: exploring the systemic nature of luxury wines (PDF)
    Michael Beverland

  • The failure of a wine closure innovation: a strategic marketing analysis (PDF)
    Wayne J. Mortensen and Brian K. Marks

  • The wine sector in France: a tentative economic system description (PDF)
    Jean-Pierre Couderc and Hervé Remaud

  • Wine purchase behavior and personal value based consumer segmentation (PDF)
    Agnes Hofmeister Tóth and Gedeon Totth

  • Why quality is no longer enough? Strategic marketing evolution in the wine industry (PDF)
    Michael Beverland, Adam Lindgreen and Philip W. Bretherton

  • The Nk’Mip cellars: wine and wine tourism with indigenous flavour (PDF)
    Robert B. Anderson, Scott McGillivray and Robert J. Giberson

  • The Pareto Effect (80:20 rule) in consumption of beer, wine and spirits: a preliminary discussion (PDF)
    Cullen Habel, Cam Rungie, Larry Lockshin and Tony Spawton

  • Analysing wine behavioural loyalty (PDF)
    Wade Jarvis, Cam Rungie and Larry Lockshin

  • The intrinsic dimensions of wine quality: an exploratory investigation (PDF)
    Stephen Charters and Simone Pettigrew

  • A framework for the implementation of (internet) marketing by the wine business (PDF)
    Steven Goodman

  • An exploration of the use of ‘extraordinary’ experiences in wine tourism (PDF)
    Jane Ali-Knight and Jack Carlsen

  • The communications issues for producers of alternative closures in wine industry (PDF)
    Damien Wilson and Larry Lockshin

  • Communicating on the sensory quality of wine: questions about sensory training and expertise (PDF)
    François d’Hauteville

  • Using the Thiel Index Coefficient to analyse variation in wine consumption habits (PDF)
    Damien Wilson and Larry Lockshin

  • Trade mark registration for wines in Australia (PDF)
    James L. Omond

  • The mediating role of involvement and values on wine consumption frequency in France (PDF)
    Francois d’Hauteville

  • Strategic issues facing the New Zealand wine industry in a global environment (PDF)
    Maureen Benson-Rea, Roderick J. Brodie and Wayne Cartwright

  • The importance of market orientation in developing buyer-seller relationships in the export market: the link towards relationship marketing (PDF)
    Andre Beaujanot Q. and Larry Lockshin

  • Consumer purchasing behaviour for wine: what we know and where we are going (PDF)
    Larry Lockshin and John Hall