12th International Conference of the AWBR (2021)


Full Conference Proceedings (PDF)

COVID-19 and the Future of Wine Business

  1. Business models and wineries: The many forms of a complex organization (PDF)
    Donna Sears, Terrance G. Weatherbee, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameva, Joanna Fountain, Natalia Velikova
  2. Technology and shared touchpoints: A wine tourism customer journey framework (PDF)
    Terrance G. Weatherbee, Donna Sears
  3. Today’s wine industry: Sparkling ideas or business as usual? An empirical study of German SMEs (PDF)
    Anna Rosinus
  4. Projecting global beverage markets to 2025 (PDF)
    Kym Anderson, Glyn Wittwer
  5. Characteristics of Successful Virtual Wine Tastings: The Participants’ Perspective (PDF)
    Terry M. Lease, Tricia H. Conover
  6. Social Media adoption in German wineries: Innovators or laggards? (PDF)
    Monika Dumler, Laura Ehm, Jonas Drewelies
  7. Italian wine consumption after Covid-19: new and disrupted habits (PDF)
    Giulia Gastaldello, Daniele Mozzato, Luca Rossetto

Sustainability and the Wine Business Environment

  1. Economic sustainability of wine estates: First insights and a roadmap for future research (PDF)
    Simone Loose, Larissa Strub, Andreas Kurth
  2. Can viticultural mechanisation make steep slope vineyards economically sustainable? (PDF)
    Larissa Strub, Andreas Kurth, Simone Mueller Loose
  3. A recent development in wine classification systems: Collective family ownership (PDF)
    Jeff Gow, Jacqueline Dutton, Bligh Grant
  4. Social enterprise: A review and an example from the wine industry (PDF)
    Sharon L. Forbes, Joanna Fountain
  5. The relative importance of benchmarks on the economic success of wine estates (PDF)
    Antoine Wetzler, Anthony Bennett, Simone Mueller Loose
  6. Is biodiversity in vineyard an argument for developing wine tourism? The wine producers’ perspective (PDF)
    Nindu Barbier, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Claire Lamoureux
  7. Market acceptance of fungus-resistant grape varieties (FRGV) – a qualitative analysis among producers and retailers (PDF)
    Christoph Kiefer, Gergely Szolnoki
  8. Lifecycle of decision-making factors for investing in a smart vineyard. A case study of high-tech employees in the Bay Area (PDF)
    Priyanka Botny Srinath
  9. Can changes in wine marketing attributes and messaging help motivate consumer trial of low-carbon wine packaging? (PDF)
    Jakob Mesidis, Bill Page, Larry Lockshin, Justin Cohen, Armando M. Corsi

Consumer Research and Wine

  1. Generation Z perceptions of rosé wine in Australia: from packaging to product (PDF)
    Jacqueline Dutton, Colin Jevons, Nadine Normand-Marconnet
  2. Exploring the role of nostalgia in wine consumption: The very best of Georgia (PDF)
    Natalia Velikova, Sophie Ghvanidze, Phatima Mamardashvili
  3. Instagram & wine – A quantitative analysis of the usage behaviour of wine consumers and wineries on Instagram (PDF)
    Katharina Hauck, Ruth Fleuchaus, Gergely Szolnoki
  4. Look at me and my glass of wine! A moderated mediation analysis of the effect of narcissism on (over)consumption of wine (PDF)
    Renaud Lunardo, Armando M. Corsi, David A. Jaud
  5. Market trends of the GIs wine in the Italian supermarkets: the case study of “Chianti DOCG” (PDF)
    Francesca Gerini, Caterina Romano, Andrea Dominici, Leonardo Casini
  6. Making memorable experiences: Tour guides in wine tourism (PDF)
    Terrance Weatherbee, Donna Sears
  7. Navigating the wine involvement continuum (PDF)
    Damien Wilson
  8. From regional brand to regional wine brand: The case of foreign regional wine branding in the US market (PDF)
    Nada Maaninou, Gracie Boland, Coralie Haller
  9. Wine export in Africa. Exploring trust building in B2B relationship (PDF)
    Mathieu Nlend, Franck Duquesnois
  10. Buying wine online or offline: some determinants of choice (PDF)
    Jean-Éric Pelet
  11. Landscape’s Relationships with Wine Consumer Behaviour Constructs from an Italian Wine Tourism Perspective (PDF)
    Roberta Capitello, Diego Begalli, Johan Bruwer, Maria De Salvo