11th International Conference of the AWBR (2019)

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Full Conference Proceedings (PDF)

Competitive Papers

1. The role of product information for wine innovation adoption: The case of fungus resistant grape varieties (PDF)
    Lucas Nesselhauf, Ruth Fleuchaus & Ludwig Theuvsen

2. Mapping wine business studies: Part 1, The international journal of wine business research (PDF)
    Terrance Weatherbee, Donna Sears & Ryan MacNeil

3. A passion for wine: Developing scales to test a model of enduring involvement (PDF)
    Janeen Olsen, Liz Thach, MW, & Renata Schaefer

4. How to measure emotions with tasting: Ideal matching between cheese and wine (PDF)
    Marie Durillon & François Durrieu

5. Visual codes on French wine labels for cross-cultural marketing in China and Australia (PDF)
    Jacqueline Dutton & Nadine Normand-Marconnet

6. Intergenerational transmission: an exploratory study of Generation Z wine consumer behaviour (PDF)
    Didier Bédé, Charlotte Massa & Nathalie Maumon

7. How occasional are occasional wine buyers? (PDF)
    Hervé Remaud & Armando Maria Corsi

8. Wine trails in the Czech Republic (PDF)
    Martin Prokeš

9. Using social media to distribute wine: Myth or reality? (PDF)
    Jean-Éric Pelet, Bonnie Canziani, Roberta Capitello, Coralie Haller, Eva Merloni, Luca Rossetto, Marianna Sigala, Juan Tapia, Guenter Schamel & Agusti Casas

Competitive Paper Abstracts

10. Online stocking practices. Corporate chains versus independent retailers: Who supports smaller brands and regions better? (PDF)
      Larry Lockshin, Ann-Marie Azzurro & Alicia Barker

11.  Selling wine in downtown: Who is the urban winery consumer? (PDF)
      Natalia Velikova, Phatima Mamardashvili, Tim H. Dodd & Matthew Bauman

12. Hawkes Bay wine auction: History, motivations and benefits (PDF)
      Sharon L. Forbes & TracyAnne De Silva

13. Grape supply relationships in New Zealand: A multi-theoretical view (PDF)
      M.J. Wilson & M. Monnane

14. Analysis of German wine consumers’ preferences for organic vs non-organic wines (PDF)
      Gergely Szolnoki & Katharina Hauck

15. Wine tourism in Chile: Drivers affecting the development of wine tourism and its impact on price (PDF)
      M. Kunc, J. Torres, J. Barrera & S. Charters

16. Exploring the ‘give and take’ in territorial branding (PDF)
      Nathalie Spielmann, Kristin Götz & Christopher Williams

17. Primary and secondary wine tourism – A segmentation approach (PDF)
      Maximilian Tafel & Gergely Szolnoki

18. Dynamic capabilities for sustainability – stimulus from a multi-case research (PDF)
      Marc Dreßler

19. Reasons for and challenges of organic wine production – a qualitative analysis of wine producers in Germany (PDF)
      Katharina Hauck & Gergely Szolnoki

20. How will mandatory nutrition and ingredient labelling affect the wine industry? A quantitative producer study (PDF)
      Evelyn Pabst, Gergely Szolnoki & Simone Mueller Loose

21. The effects of mandatory ingredient and nutrition labelling for wine on consumers – A qualitative consumer study (PDF)
      Evelyn Pabst, Gergely Szolnoki & Simone Mueller-Loose

22. Is there a future for steep slope wine growing? Analysing the importance of factors influencing producers’ willingness to give up steep slope wine production (PDF)
      Larissa Strub & Simone Mueller Loose

23. Wine and beer demand in out-of-home contexts in Italy: How important is it to be ‘craft’? (PDF)
      Claudia Bazzani, Roberta Capitello, Diego Begalli & Riccardo Scarpa

24. Wine market search and third parties (PDF)
      Denton L Marks

25. Internet and wine consumers’/tourists’ behavior: the sources of online consumer power and their impact on consumer behavior (PDF)
      Marianna Sigala

Work-in Progress Submissions

26. The effects of store brand wines on wine purchasing in supermarkets (PDF)
      Yosr Ben Tahar, & Charlotte Massa

27. Riding the wave of rosé: When pink becomes stylish (PDF)
      Nadine Normand-Marconnet

28. The opportunity of using shared media for wine marketing (PDF)
      Marianne McGarry Wolf, Lindsey M. Higgins, Mitchell J. Wolf, Shannon Wolf Montague, & Benoît Lecat

29. From prosumer to entrepreneur: The case of brewing new businesses (PDF)
      Marco Wolf & Wendy Ritz

30. Wine consumers’ involvement and brand risk perception: Effects on consumers’ criteria for wine evaluation, label preference and willingness to pay (PDF)
      Edith Rüger-Muck, Johan Bruwer & Anne Lena Wegmann

31. The relationship between past, on-site and post-consumption behaviours of tourists at cellar doors in the Barossa Valley (PDF)
      Girish Prayag, Marta Disegna & Johan Bruwer

32. Strategic preparedness and resilience in the U.S. wine industry: An exploratory study (PDF)
      Armand Gilinsky, Jr., Judith Ford, Sergio Canavati de la Torre & Deanna Brown

33. Effects of conjunctive labeling on awareness level of targeted consumer segments (PDF)
      Thomas Atkin & Damien Wilson

34. Judging a book by its cover: The power of wine label design in shaping consumers’ product perceptions (PDF)
      Sergej von Janda, Alan Pomering & Sabine Kuester

35. Opinion leadership and opinion seeking among diners in South African restaurants (PDF)
      Johan Bruwer & Nick Vink

36. A profile of rosé consumers fueling its growth: Pink is not just for females! (PDF)
      Marianne McGarry Wolf, Lindsey Higgins, Mitchell Wolf & Benoît Lecat

37. Product involvement and single-serve wine consumption metrics in USA restaurants (PDF)
      Johan Bruwer, Justin Cohen & Kathleen Kelley

38. Why do you drink wine? Consumer motivations in Kenya and Angola (PDF)
      Tim Clifton, Johan Bruwer & Nick Vink

39. Coopetition in small, family-owned, rural New Zealand vineyards and the impact on stakeholders (PDF)
      Dave Crick & James Crick

40. South African wineries in the U.S. market: Importer-producer ties and shelf presence (PDF)
      William Finlay & Kavi Pandian

41. Exploring the priming effect in the context of organic wine: An experimental investigation (PDF)
      Stephanie Schäfer, Holger J. Schmidt, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Leibnitz & Barry J. Babin

42. From agriculture to advertising: The research gaze and wineries as complex organizations (PDF)
      Terrance Weatherbee & Donna Sears

43. The challenges of effectively measuring economic impact in an emergent wine region: The case of Nova Scotia (PDF)
      Donna Sears & Terrance Weatherbee

44. Tasted or wasted? Drunkenness and other wine-related things we may have missed! (PDF)
      Terrance Weatherbee & Donna Sears

45. The effect of consumers reviews on the perceived level of wine quality: A three-phase experiment (PDF)
      Maria Emilia Alvarez & Călin Gurău

46. Wine cycling tourism – The extraordinary cyclists (PDF)
      Jana Heimel, Lucas Nesselhauf & Maren Sauter

47. Exploring the perception of luxury wine in China (PDF)
      Yuan Yao & Jiajia Pan

48. The impact of economic policy uncertainty on the pricing of fine wines (PDF)
      Nithya Shankar & Bill Francis 

49. Six of one, half dozen of the other (PDF)
      Barry Babin, Christian Bushardt & Laurie Babin

50. A cross cultural comparison of wineries’ online and social network practices (PDF)
      Sergio Canavati De La Torre, Agusti Casas-Romeo & Esther Subirà-Llobera

51. Internships, valuable for the careers of wine students (PDF)
      Marianne McGarry Wolf & Benoît Lecat

52. Getting to know wine: Chinese consumers’ motivations for, and experiences of, wine education courses (PDF)
      Joanna Fountain & Murray Mackenzie

53. Towards understanding perceptions and responses to climate change in the New Zealand wine industry (PDF)
      Nicholas Cradock-Henry & Joanna Fountain

54. Does the wine trade understand wine consumers? Measuring the alignment for wine choice drivers between trade operators and consumers (PDF)
      Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin, Jordan Louviere, Johan Bruwer, Justin Cohen & Klaus Kilov

55. The ties that bind: keys to building strong relationships with importers and retailers to drive premium wine export sales (PDF)
      Roberta Crouch, Armando Maria Corsi, Vinh Lu, Lara Agnoli & Steve Charters

56. Understanding the category entry points for wine in China (PDF)
      Justin Cohen, Carl Driesener, Ava Huang, Larry Lockshin, Armando Maria Corsi, Johan Bruwer, Richard Lee & Klaus Kilov

57. Wine tourism and regional development (PDF)
      Marlene Pratt

58. The starter wine: Exploring how wine consumer taste preferences change over time (PDF)
      Liz Thach, MW