7th International Conference of the AWBR

Branded Marketing Events: Facilitating Customer Brand Engagement (PDF)

Teagan Altschwager, Jodie Conduit and Steve Goodman

Family transmission versus Chinese investment in Bordeaux wine sector: the analysis of innovations and traditions within the ownership change (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Wenxiao Zhang

Drinkers and tasters: A New Zealand perspective of wine-related leisure lifestyles (PDF)

Sarah Becker

How packaging features enhance storytelling (PDF)

Karen Blumel

Constraints Segmentation and Wine Tourism: Selecting Target Markets Based upon Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavioral Similarities Related to their Intent to Visit Wine Destinations (PDF)

Mark A. Bonn and Meehee Cho

The Moderating Role of Attitude Functions upon Consumer Decisions to Purchase Wine Online (PDF)

Mark A. Bonn and Sora Kang

Regional Brand Perception by Wine Tourists within a Winescape Framework (PDF)

Johan Bruwer, Isabelle Lesschaeve, Deborah Gray and Veronica Alampi Sottini

Tourism experiences and wine experiences: a new approach to the analysis of the visitor perceptions for a destination. The case of Verona (PDF)

Roberta Capitello, Diego Begalli and Lara Agnoli

Decoding wine label design: A study of the visual codes of Bordeaux Grand Crus (PDF)

Frank Celhay, Pauline Folcher and Justin Cohen

The Effects of Perceived Product-Association Incongruity on Consumption Experiences (PDF)

Sarah Clemente, Eric Dolansky, Antonia Mantonakis & Katherine White

Wine Tourism Preferences: Developing the Wine Tourism Offer in the Loire Valley (PDF)

Justin Cohen, Eli Cohen & Johan Bruwer

The value of non monetary-based retail promotions: Comparing an in- store experiment to simulated purchasing (PDF)

Armando Maria Corsi, Simone Mueller Loose & Larry Lockshin

Consumer preferences of rosé wine: an analyses trough the Best-Worst method (PDF)

Paola Corsinovi, Davide Gaeta & Armando Maria Corsi

South Australian Wine Brands on Facebook: An Exploration of Communication Orientations (PDF)

Rebecca Dolan, Steve Goodman & Cullen Habel

Customer involvement management – Empirical observations of explorative studies on enrichment activities of German wineries (PDF)

Marc Dressler

The Impact of Tourism Strategies and Regional Factors on Wine Tourism Performance: Bordeaux vs. Mendoza, Mainz, Florence, Porto and Cape Town (PDF)

Christophe Faugère, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, François Durrieu & Jacques-Olivier Pesme

Consumer Perceptions of Wine Brand Names (PDF)

Sharon L. Forbes & David Dean

An Exploratory Analysis of Marketing Innovations in the New Zealand Wine Industry (PDF)

Sharon L. Forbes & Linda King

Buying into a regional brand: The naming of Central Otago Wineries (PDF)

Joanna Fountain & Daisy Dawson

Vive La Difference! An Empirical Investigation into Status, Innovation, and Financial Performance in The Wine Industry (PDF)

Armand Gilinsky, Jr, Douglas Jordan & Sandra K. Newton

Co-creating Experiential Stories – Differentiating a Winery in the Global Wine Industry (PDF)

Susan L. Golicic & Daniel J. Flint

The multiplication of coopetitive strategies in south of France wine industry (PDF)

Julien Granata

Look for the Signature: Personal Signatures as a Cue for Quality (PDF)

Keri Kettle & Antonia Mantonakis

Sustainability: Implementation programs and communication in the leading wine producing countries (PDF)

Bastian Klohr, Ruth Fleuchaus & Ludwig Theuvsen

Investigating the Relationship between Wine Tourism and Proactive Environmental Management at Wineries (PDF)

Maureen Ann Leddy & Peter Williams

Generation Y, Wine and Alcohol: a Semantic Differential Approach to Consumption Analysis in Tuscany (PDF)

Nicola Marinelli, Sara Fabbrizzi, Veronica Alampi Sottini, Sandro Sacchelli, Iacopo Bernetti & Silvio Menghini

Wine tourism: futures sales and cultural context of consumption (PDF)

David Menival & Huai Yuan Han

Types of authenticity in champagne: The consumer’s view (PDF)

Stephanie Muraz & Steve Charters

Romanian Wine Styles: A Study of the Romanian Wine Industry Through the Lens of Cultural Capital and Acculturation Theories (PDF)

Cheryl Nakata & Erin J. P. Antalis

Pathways To Wine Export Innovation: A Study of Romanian Winemakers (PDF)

Cheryl Nakata & Erin J. P. Antalis

Trust During Retail Encounters: A Touchy Proposition (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva & Katrin Brand

Struggling to be liked: Package perceptions in retail contexts (PDF)

Ulrich R. Orth & Roberta Veale

The Impact of General Public Wine Education Courses on Consumer Perception (PDF)

Richard Sagala & Paulo Lopes

Coordinating for Quality: How Cooperatives can beat Private Wineries on Quality and Reputation (PDF)

Guenter Schamel

Storytelling and wine experience as a marketing strategy: the case of Château Lynch-Bages in Bordeaux (PDF)

Amie Sexton

When Place Defines the Brand: A Review of Origin-Bounded Brands (PDF)

Nathalie Spielmann

Online, Face-to-Face and Telephone Surveys – Comparing Different Sampling Methods in Wine Consumer Research (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki & Dieter Hoffmann

Using Social Media in the Wine Business – An Exploratory Study from Germany (PDF)

Gergely Szolnoki, Dimitri Taits, Moritz Nagel & Alessio Fortunato

The Effect of Tasting Sheet Sensory Descriptors on Tasting Room Sales (PDF)

Lauren Thomas, Miguel I. Gómez & Anna Katharine Mansfield

Meat is male; Champagne is female; Cheese is unisex: An examination of perceived gender images of wine (PDF)

Natalia Velikova, Tim H. Dodd & James B. Wilcox

My first glass of wine: A comparison of Gen Y early wine experiences and socialisation in New and Old Worlds markets (PDF)

Natalia Velikova, Joanna Fountain, Tiziana de Magistrics, Antonio Seccia & Damien Wilson

The Oregon Wine Story: A Mixed-Method Study of Regional Reputation (PDF)

Sharon Wagner, Sylvia Flatt, Katherine Byers & Julia Prow

Wine distribution channel systems in mature and newly growing markets: Germany versus China (PDF)

Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva & Wenxiao Zhang


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