7th International Conference of the AWBR (2013)

St. Catharines, Canada

  • Branded Marketing Events: Facilitating Customer Brand Engagement (PDF)
    Teagan Altschwager, Jodie Conduit and Steve Goodman

  • Family transmission versus Chinese investment in Bordeaux wine sector: the analysis of innovations and traditions within the ownership change (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva and Wenxiao Zhang

  • Drinkers and tasters: A New Zealand perspective of wine-related leisure lifestyles (PDF)
    Sarah Becker

  • How packaging features enhance storytelling (PDF)
    Karen Blumel

  • Constraints Segmentation and Wine Tourism: Selecting Target Markets Based upon Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavioral Similarities Related to their Intent to Visit Wine Destinations (PDF)
    Mark A. Bonn and Meehee Cho

  • The Moderating Role of Attitude Functions upon Consumer Decisions to Purchase Wine Online (PDF)
    Mark A. Bonn and Sora Kang

  • Regional Brand Perception by Wine Tourists within a Winescape Framework (PDF)
    Johan Bruwer, Isabelle Lesschaeve, Deborah Gray and Veronica Alampi Sottini

  • Tourism experiences and wine experiences: a new approach to the analysis of the visitor perceptions for a destination. The case of Verona (PDF)
    Roberta Capitello, Diego Begalli and Lara Agnoli

  • Decoding wine label design: A study of the visual codes of Bordeaux Grand Crus (PDF)
    Frank Celhay, Pauline Folcher and Justin Cohen

  • The Effects of Perceived Product-Association Incongruity on Consumption Experiences (PDF)
    Sarah Clemente, Eric Dolansky, Antonia Mantonakis & Katherine White

  • Wine Tourism Preferences: Developing the Wine Tourism Offer in the Loire Valley (PDF)
    Justin Cohen, Eli Cohen & Johan Bruwer

  • The value of non monetary-based retail promotions: Comparing an in- store experiment to simulated purchasing (PDF)
    Armando Maria Corsi, Simone Mueller Loose & Larry Lockshin

  • Consumer preferences of rosé wine: an analyses trough the Best-Worst method (PDF)
    Paola Corsinovi, Davide Gaeta & Armando Maria Corsi

  • South Australian Wine Brands on Facebook: An Exploration of Communication Orientations (PDF)
    Rebecca Dolan, Steve Goodman & Cullen Habel

  • Customer involvement management – Empirical observations of explorative studies on enrichment activities of German wineries (PDF)
    Marc Dressler

  • The Impact of Tourism Strategies and Regional Factors on Wine Tourism Performance: Bordeaux vs. Mendoza, Mainz, Florence, Porto and Cape Town (PDF)
    Christophe Faugère, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, François Durrieu & Jacques-Olivier Pesme

  • Consumer Perceptions of Wine Brand Names (PDF)
    Sharon L. Forbes & David Dean

  • An Exploratory Analysis of Marketing Innovations in the New Zealand Wine Industry (PDF)
    Sharon L. Forbes & Linda King

  • Buying into a regional brand: The naming of Central Otago Wineries (PDF)
    Joanna Fountain & Daisy Dawson

  • Vive La Difference! An Empirical Investigation into Status, Innovation, and Financial Performance in The Wine Industry (PDF)
    Armand Gilinsky, Jr, Douglas Jordan & Sandra K. Newton

  • Co-creating Experiential Stories – Differentiating a Winery in the Global Wine Industry (PDF)
    Susan L. Golicic & Daniel J. Flint

  • The multiplication of coopetitive strategies in south of France wine industry (PDF)
    Julien Granata

  • Look for the Signature: Personal Signatures as a Cue for Quality (PDF)
    Keri Kettle & Antonia Mantonakis

  • Sustainability: Implementation programs and communication in the leading wine producing countries (PDF)
    Bastian Klohr, Ruth Fleuchaus & Ludwig Theuvsen

  • Investigating the Relationship between Wine Tourism and Proactive Environmental Management at Wineries (PDF)
    Maureen Ann Leddy & Peter Williams

  • Generation Y, Wine and Alcohol: a Semantic Differential Approach to Consumption Analysis in Tuscany (PDF)
    Nicola Marinelli, Sara Fabbrizzi, Veronica Alampi Sottini, Sandro Sacchelli, Iacopo Bernetti & Silvio Menghini

  • Wine tourism: futures sales and cultural context of consumption (PDF)
    David Menival & Huai Yuan Han

  • Types of authenticity in champagne: The consumer’s view (PDF)
    Stephanie Muraz & Steve Charters

  • Romanian Wine Styles: A Study of the Romanian Wine Industry Through the Lens of Cultural Capital and Acculturation Theories (PDF)
    Cheryl Nakata & Erin J. P. Antalis

  • Pathways To Wine Export Innovation: A Study of Romanian Winemakers (PDF)
    Cheryl Nakata & Erin J. P. Antalis

  • Trust During Retail Encounters: A Touchy Proposition (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva & Katrin Brand

  • Struggling to be liked: Package perceptions in retail contexts (PDF)
    Ulrich R. Orth & Roberta Veale

  • The Impact of General Public Wine Education Courses on Consumer Perception (PDF)
    Richard Sagala & Paulo Lopes

  • Coordinating for Quality: How Cooperatives can beat Private Wineries on Quality and Reputation (PDF)
    Guenter Schamel

  • Storytelling and wine experience as a marketing strategy: the case of Château Lynch-Bages in Bordeaux (PDF)
    Amie Sexton

  • When Place Defines the Brand: A Review of Origin-Bounded Brands (PDF)
    Nathalie Spielmann

  • Online, Face-to-Face and Telephone Surveys – Comparing Different Sampling Methods in Wine Consumer Research (PDF)
    Gergely Szolnoki & Dieter Hoffmann

  • Using Social Media in the Wine Business – An Exploratory Study from Germany (PDF)
    Gergely Szolnoki, Dimitri Taits, Moritz Nagel & Alessio Fortunato

  • The Effect of Tasting Sheet Sensory Descriptors on Tasting Room Sales (PDF)
    Lauren Thomas, Miguel I. Gómez & Anna Katharine Mansfield

  • Meat is male; Champagne is female; Cheese is unisex: An examination of perceived gender images of wine (PDF)
    Natalia Velikova, Tim H. Dodd & James B. Wilcox

  • My first glass of wine: A comparison of Gen Y early wine experiences and socialisation in New and Old Worlds markets (PDF)
    Natalia Velikova, Joanna Fountain, Tiziana de Magistrics, Antonio Seccia & Damien Wilson

  • The Oregon Wine Story: A Mixed-Method Study of Regional Reputation (PDF)
    Sharon Wagner, Sylvia Flatt, Katherine Byers & Julia Prow

  • Wine distribution channel systems in mature and newly growing markets: Germany versus China (PDF)
    Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva & Wenxiao Zhang