15 March 2022

AWBR Statement on Ukraine

Wine is a drink which has great meaning; it represents conviviality and welcome and it is a product which brings people together. It is a diverse drink; the world of wine encompasses many different, contrasting styles, something which we – as a global community of wine lovers and professionals – celebrate, recognising that in diversity there is no single, correct approach but rather opportunity, excitement and the acceptance of uncertainties and of varying perspectives and preferences.
Wine breaks down borders and unites cultures. Wine can even stand for what it means to be civilised, thus to behave in a civil way to others,
to debate rather than quarrel and to be reflective rather than bombastic.

In the light of this we consider that, following the invasion of Ukraine, it is unconscionable that Russia can continue for the present
as a member of the OIV – the body which brings together the global community of wine producing nations.
We ask the OIV therefore to suspend Russia’s membership until a future date when the country demonstrates
that it can live in peace with its neighbours, offer them hospitality and conviviality rather than aggression,
and behaves in a civil manner to those around it.
As a first step Russia needs to suspend all military action in Ukraine and withdraw immediately from its territory.